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All careers enquiries start with our Information Team,

who will help guide you to the most appropriate resources and support.

Please visit the team in our friendly, confidential

Chat to Careers Zoom Room

Contact and Opening Times

We are now running our virtual service over the summer - we look forward to seeing you in person in September!

Our Chat to Careers Zoom Room is usually open from 11am to 3pm (no appointment required)

To arrange a virtual appointment a with Careers Consultants please email to check availability as this is reduced over the summer

Last updated 19/07/2022

Register on our Careers Portal

We ask all students to set up an account and register on our Careers Portal.

We use this to ensure we provide you with the most comprehensive advice as well as providing you with access to the latest job vacancies and events.

Chat to our Information Team

All careers enquiries start with the Information Team who can help guide you to the most appropriate resources and support. Please visit the team in our friendly, confidential Chat to Careers Zoom Room.

The Information Team can answer a huge range of Careers related queries and provide quick, easily accessible advice and guidance. By visiting our zoom room they will be able to have an informal, diagnostic review of your requirements and circumstances.

If necessary, they will arrange an appointment for you to meet with one of our Careers Consultants for a 20 minute, confidential discussion on Zoom.

What to expect from an appointment with our Careers Consultants

Whatever your starting point, or level of study, our Careers Consultant will work with you to identify appropriate approaches and resources, tailored to your particular circumstances, whether you need to ‘clear the career fog’, or want some input on how to handle the practicalities of job applications, job searching, interviews or assessments, etc. Be reassured, you certainly don’t need to know what you want to do, or have clear career ideas before using us. Our one-to-one career consultations are supportive and aim to help you move forward faster than you would probably do on your own.

Our Career Consultants are all qualified professionals with broad experience in a range of occupations and employment sectors. They act as impartial ‘sounding boards’ - they can’t make decisions for you, or tell you what you must do - but they will always listen carefully to what you have to say, helping you to clarify your ideas and pull all the relevant (and sometimes complex) factors together into a useful framework for you to take further action on. Discussions aim to help you take control, feel more confident and progress towards your goals.

At the start of a consultation the Careers Consultant will encourage you to clarify your current situation and what has led you to seek careers guidance at this time; agreeing on priorities to focus on. You would then go on to discuss and explore the relevant factors and resources that might be most relevant for you (including, for example, careers information, assessments, websites and workshops/seminars). By the end of the meeting you should be clearer on the potential ways forward, the best resources to use, likely timescales and the further actions you may need to take, including whether a further careers consultation would be helpful.

If you are looking for advice on your CV, Covering Letter, Application or Personal Statement, it is essential to be ready to 'share' this during your appointment, along with any supporting information such as the person specification/job requirements etc. Additionally, if you would like to discuss a specific opportunity (Job, Placement, Internship etc) please have the page bookmarked on your phone/device in advance.

Career consultations normally last 20 minutes and are confidential.

Our Careers Consultants see students and graduates only by appointment.

Appointments are bookable up to one week in advance.

Looking for a Part-time job

View current part-time vacancies by visiting our Job Vacancies site. The system will automatically register you when you login using your Student Information username and password (or you can register as a graduate). You can filter using the tags “part time jobs off campus” and "Jobs on campus".

Thinking about volunteering?

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference to your community and to express your values, whilst enhancing your personal and professional development. Almost all employers regard work experience as an essential attribute for an employable graduate. It is important to remember that many types of recruiting organisation regard volunteering as equally valuable as paid work. It can also be fun and a great way to meet new people.

What types of volunteering are there?

The type of experience that can be gained is varied. There are many opportunities ranging from working in an administrative or commercial capacity such as in marketing, to practical work such as environmental field projects, campaigning, fundraising or shop-work. Volunteering opportunities can require people to work directly with others who benefit from the activity, or involve working with others on specific projects.

Where can I find opportunities to volunteer?

  • Book a Volunteer chat with Maya, our Volunteer Coordinator, who can help you to explore your options. The service is currently on-line on Wednesdays and Fridays 12-3pm via Zoom. E-mail volunteering@brookes.ac.uk to book a slot.

  • Access lots of volunteering opportunities through our Volunteer Portal

  • Our Oxford Brookes Volunteers Facebook Page is regularly updated with volunteering opportunities.

  • Volunteer newsletter- Regular emails on new volunteering opportunities, workshops etc

  • Oxford Brookes Part Time Jobs and Volunteer Fair 2021 in JHBB Forum on Thursday 30 September from 11:00 to 14:00

  • www.do-it.org.uk – An array of volunteering opportunities in many sectors.

  • Sign up to one of our volunteering workshops- https://www.brookes.ac.uk/students/careers/news-and-events/

  • Not sure you have time to volunteer, why not sign up to an on-line volunteering opportunity and volunteer from home- contact volunteering@brookes.ac.uk for more info.

  • Visit our website

Please do contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to helping you find volunteering opportunities, gaining experience and having fun whilst helping others!

Careers Workshops

Join us in our online careers workshops to kickstart your career planning and learn how to stand out in applications, interviews and assessments.

Whether you have started considering your options, are preparing for success or have no idea where to start at all these workshops and employer sessions are sure to help you.

You can also meet employers looking to recruit and network with students and graduates at our virtual Careers events.

Register now for our Online Workshops

Monday, 16th May, 12pm-1pm, Online

Flourishing in the workplace and being your best possible workplace self takes time, reflection and careers curiousness and experimentation. Today we'll discuss how to get to know yourself better and take stock in order to make good choices for your career, and how to work towards the big and important project of finding a fulfilling career.

Monday, 16th May, 1pm-2pm, Online

We know that employers often look at our work experience for evidence of our skills and abilities, but how do you apply for jobs if you don’t have much or any experience? This workshop will help you identify where you have developed skills in other areas and how you can make the most of the experiences you have had when writing applications or speaking to employers.

Tuesday, 17th May, 12pm-1pm, Online

Making your CV and Cover Letter stand out from the crowd can be tricky, but how do you give yourself the best chance of getting an invitation to interview? This workshop gives you an introduction to the basics of putting together a CV and Cover Letter, shares hints and tips on layout and tailoring and how to avoid common CV and Cover Letter pitfalls!

Tuesday, 17th May, 1pm-2pm, Online

92% of recruiters are using social media in recruitment so your professional online presence, such as an effective LinkedIn profile, is an integral part of the recruitment process. To play the recruitment game well you need a really professional profile and an understanding of all its useful functions. Fortunately it's pretty straightforward and easy to use and today we'll show you how to get a really great profile, how to use LinkedIn as a research tool and how to search for jobs, all helping you to succeed and get what you want from your career.

Wednesday, 18th May, 12pm-1pm, Online

This workshop will cover some of the key factors to consider when deciding whether you want to share your disability with an employer. We will help you think about what you could share with them, when in the recruitment and selection process and also give you some examples of how you can do this.There will be time for questions and we'll introduce you to further useful services and resources that are available for you.

Wednesday, 18th May, 1pm-2pm, Online

Write Applications that Work, Learning how to market yourself in writing is an essential step towards gaining that all-important interview and then the job itself. Many employers, particularly large organisations, now ask candidates to complete an online application form.

Thursday, 19th May, 12pm-1pm, Online

Unsure about what to expect from an interview? This session will help you to prepare for a range of different types of interviews; live virtual interviews, pre-recorded interviews and face-to-face interviews, for example. We'll look at how to anticipate likely interview questions and give effective responses. We will consider ways you can show your motivation, some solutions for handling those interview nerves and what you can do to get yourself well prepared. There will be some time for your own questions and we will provide details of further one-to-one help and resources which are available to you.

Monday, 23rd May, 12pm-1pm, Online

Networking has always been an important way to building and nurturing professional relationships and seeking out new opportunities. Networking confidently is a great way to stand out when meeting employers at careers fairs and assessment centres, helping you shine throughout the recruitment process. In the ‘Power of Networking’ workshop we want to help you overcome any networking nerves and give you a safe and supportive space to explore your own approach.

Monday, 23rd May, 1pm-2pm, Online

Volunteering as work experience: find out the what, why and how of volunteering. Microvolunteering: gaining valuable experience from home. Boost your applications! Gain some practical tips on reflective writing and articulating your volunteering experiences to employers.

Practice Assessment Centre

Tuesday, 24th May, 12pm-2pm, Online

You may be asked to take part in an Assessment Centre by recruiters in the coming months. This session offers a great opportunity for you to take part in a simulation to experience several exercises you may face, including psychometric tests and a group case study. The session will be realistic and interactive so come along ready to pitch in and develop your understanding and skills. Once the practical exercises are completed constructive feedback will be given, along with top tips and advice on the best resources to use for further preparation and confidence building.

Wednesday, 25th May, 12pm-1pm, Online

Would you like to get better informed about postgraduate study? This workshop will help you explore different types of PG study, what to consider when making choices and how to make effective applications. It will also provide you with an overview of the different types of funding there may be available.

Booking a room for a Careers activity

We understand it is not always easy to find a safe and confidential space to get involved in careers activities so we have a dedicated student space that you can book to use for any careers activities such as speaking to the Information Team in the zoom room, meeting with a Careers Consultant, attending one of our workshops, you might even have an interview to attend etc.

Rooms are only available on days when a member of Careers is on campus. The room will be available by pre-booking only and strictly on a first come first served basis.

Practice Interviews

Interviews for any role can be daunting especially if you have never had an interview before.

We have some excellent resources to help you

  • Interview preparation pack.

  • IV360 an excellent practice interview tool called Interview360 through our Resources portal. To navigate to this please go to our website and click on 'Resources' in the middle of the screen. You will be prompted to log in to the portal. Once you have done so click on the 'Hot Tips and Key Resources' panel and then scroll down and click on 'Interview360'. You can either browse the extensive interview question bank and look at tips on how to answer them, or you can undertake a mock interview and record your answers (either with your camera and microphone or by typing your answers). The system will then give you some basic feedback. Your answers are purely for your own practice and development and not shared with anyone and you can use the tool as many times and in as many different ways as you like.

We also offer a limited number of Practice interviews with our Careers Consultants - please contact careers@brookes.ac.uk for more information.

Employer Events & Careers Fairs

Our Employer Engagement Team very closely with employers, in particular Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs). They organise a variety of employer engagement events including sector-specific and more general Careers fairs. The team are always scoping out opportunities for students to engage with employers at either a central or faculty level. Please look out for forthcoming events – your future employer could be there!

We are pleased to be offering face to face recruitment fairs once again.

Oxford Brookes Careers Fair 2022

Monday 21 March, 10:00 - 14:30 in the Student Union Hall, JHBB

Meet employers and discover a range of top roles available now at the Oxford Brookes Multi-Sector Careers Fair. Employers from a range of industries will be there to promote a variety of graduate roles, work placements, summer job, part time work and volunteering opportunities available for students. Talk to employers and network, and ask any questions you may have about what it's like to work for them and how you can apply for their positions. Come and visit Careers for advice on how to best prepare for the fair.


Our events will be carefully managed to ensure that students and employers are safe to take part. Our planning and preparation encompasses many different areas - from risk assessments and enhanced cleaning, to social distancing measures and modifications to the way the event is organised on the day.


  • Careers Resources Portal/Abintegro - access resources designed to help you at every stage of your career journey.

  • Careers Portal/Jobteaser - apply for job and work placement opportunities, visit the Information Zone and register for events including workshops and our Careers Fairs.

  • Careers Website - find information about the Oxford Brookes Careers service as well as links to resources recommended by our team.