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Navarro DJ and Foxcroft DR (2019). learning statistics with jamovi: a tutorial for psychology students and other beginners. (Version 0.70). DOI: 10.24384/hgc3-7p15

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Data files to accompany the book are available here or can be accessed within jamovi via an add-on module in the jamovi library.

We've made this e-book available for free, but we encourage you to make a voluntary donation of around £10 or $15 to the developers of the free and open jamovi software, to support the addition of even more features. To do this, head on over to the jamovi web site and make a contribution.
Ways to help
Any statistics textbook is undoubtedly incomplete; there is just too much to cover. Ours is no exception, it's a work in progress. If you spot any mistakes, or want to suggest some improvements, then please log an issue on github:

If you would like to contribute some updates to the book, or a chapter, then please get in touch. We'll keep all contributions in a publically available repository, linked from this page, and will incorporate new material into the book when we update to the next version.
This is an adaptation of DJ Navarro (2018). Learning statistics with R: A tutorial for psychology students and other beginners. (Version 0.6).
The book is released under a creative commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licence. This means that this book can be reused, remixed, retained, revised and redistributed (including commercially) as long as appropriate credit is given to the authors. If you remix, or modify the original version of this open textbook, you must redistribute all versions of this open textbook under the same license - CC BY-SA.