Abstract Reviewing in Progress


Thank you to all those who have submitted an Abstract for an oral presentation at the conference. Abstract reviewing is currently in progress and the outcome of your submission will be communicated to you by Friday May 28th 2021.

PhD Workshop:

Poster submission required by those requesting to attend the PhD student workshop on August 20th 2021 (see PhD workshop tab for details on submission)

Similar to paper presentations, poster submissions should include a short title of the paper (12 words maximum) and a 250 word (maximum) abstract that provides information about the research question, sample and methods, the type of analysis and main or expected findings/results.

All posters must be in English.

By participating in this event, I grant permission to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University to capture the audio and/or my image in photographs, video, or any other media format.

Please follow link below for submission: