This site is designed to provide members of the BSM community with information about the PE, Health & Well-Being team at BSM. Our aim is to be a progressive and forward thinking department with good systems and procedures in place to support quality teaching and learning at BSM.


To empower all students to become physically literate and lead an active and balanced lifestyle. All students will display strong sporting values, demonstrate self regulation and acceptance of themselves as a unique individual. A capacity for growth and resilience will be evident alongside a strong sense of belonging.


PE, Health & Well-Being will be delivered through a concept based, inclusive and student centered approach. Students will be encouraged to:

  • Display the BSM sporting values of respect, humility, gratitude, dignity, fair play and compete to the best of their ability.
  • Use BSM Learning Power to reinforce and develop essential skills like communication, collaboration and independence whilst developing an ability to inquire and think about their learning.
  • Transfer these values and skills to different situations along their learning journey.
  • Develop a life long love of physical activity through experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum with physical literacy at the heart of the programme.
  • Get involved in the BSM ASA programme by participating in physical activity every day at a level appropriate to their ability.