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Grammar & Vocabulary Practice:

There are many grammar and vocabulary sites on the internet, but these I've numbered below are exceptional!! I hope you visit them often!!

1. Spellic.com practice site

2. Digitaldialects.com practice site

3. Studyspanish.com practice site

4. Google Translate

5. Tons of vocabulary practice sites. Covers most topics.

6. Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer

7. LanguageGuide.org--Great vocabulary practice...It Talks!!

8. Tripod.com--Interactive Spanish flashcards--They Talk!!

9. Read along while you listen. Video clips on a variety of topics5.

Here are some other Grammar/Vocabulary sites:

Barbara Kuczun Nelson's grammar practice, pronunciation practice and study modules

About Spanish

Learn and practice basic vocabulary

Dictionaries for the Romance languages (including many specialty dictionaries)

A very nice Spanish Grammar site

Things to Read

Audio books—beginner level—but very fun!

Animated Merpy stories—“Merpy en Español”!

“Mi Mundo en Palabras”—A bit “young”, but fun!!

Tracts in Spanish

Archie Comics in Spanish

This site has links to many Spanish-language newspapers on the web.

Online newspapers from all over the world, including Spanish-speaking countries

Online children's books from all over the world

Choose stories from 3 levels of difficulty from the Centro Virtual Cervantes

Misc. Travel & Culture sites:

A very well-done site for TONS of Spanish-related resources—super!

Yahoo news in Spanish

BBC in español—world news

The Spanish version of Cartoon Network’s website.

Spanish music—links to many music sites

Currency Converter--How many pesos are your dollars worth?

Photos of currency from around the world

Links to historical/cultural info for all Latin American countries

"Lonely Planet's" travel destination website for the world

Travel to...Wherever!! --Excite.com

Maps of North & South America

The Disney Website in Español

Pics from around the world--alovelyworld.com

Lots of links on many culture and Spanish-related topics

Scholastic Magazine’s “Hispanic Heritage” page, plus a neat Concentration game

Nice map website—both political and physical

Interactive map of South America

Interactive map of Central America

Barbie Latina.com

Cartoon Network en Español


Isla Mágica--a cool themepark in España

Visit the zoológico in Guadalajara, Mexico

A website from Chile all about Perros!

Visit the zoológico in Barcelona, España

Visit an aquarium in Argentina!

Online store for baby clothing

Online store for quinceañera dresses and accessories

Online florist shop in Monterrey, Mexico

Art by Mary Louise López depicting people in indigenous settings

Some really nice paintings by Frido Kahlo

B. C. Comic Strips

Baldo Comic Strips

Mutt and Jeff Comic Strips

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strips

Cathy Comic Strips

Condorito Comic Strips

Foxtrot Comic Strips

Fred Basset Comic Strips

Garfield Comic Strips

Gaturro Comic Strips

Ginger Meggs Comic Strips

Heathcliff Comic Strips

Overboard Comic Strips

Pooch Café Comic Strips

Ronaldinho Gaucho Comic Strips

More Condorito stuff

Comics on Yahoo.com

All about Mafalda, a popular Argentine comic strip character

Create a comic strip--in Spanish!

E-Travel Photos.com -- Spectacular pix of several regions

CIA World Factbook -- Tons of info about...everywhere!

National Anthem lyrics & sound files for countries in the Americas -- also passports

¡El Chupacabra! Beware of the Goatsucker!

This site has a link to a really cool Chupacabra song

Gloria Estefan website

Marc Antony website

Latino sports legends

Tejano culture and history

"Puro Mariachi"--a super place to start an investigation of Mariachi music

Fascinating list of Spanish baby names -- zillions of them along w/meanings (also Basque)

Text and book excerpts from a Day of the Dead journalist

Pre-Columbian art; life and death in ancient Mexico

A nice little summary of Día de los Muertos

More info on Día de los Muertos

Folk traditions--El Pan de los Muertos

Folk traditions—Papel Amate

Folk traditions—Papel Picado

Folk traditions—Calaveras de azúcar—sugar skulls recipe in Spanish

Kristy Placido's Day of the Dead presentation


Visit the region of Segovia, Spain.

Virtual tour of Madrid and surrounding environs—very cool slide show…and more!

Explore a Spanish castle!

Explore a 1000 year old Spanish cathedral!

Website for one of Spain’s soccer teams

Website for the king of Spain

Discover Spain -- Be sure to visit the Virtual Tour feature

Sí Spain -- info about Spanish current affairs, history, linguistics, and culture

All About Spain -- Travel all over Spain; great photo-tour features

El Escorial -- Visit the gigantic old monastery and cathedral of King Felipe II

Traveling in Spain -- Visit several fantastic places all across Spain

Flamenco Dancing in Spain -- Dazzling photography by Paco Sánchez

Castles in Spain!

Photos tour of La Mancha, the home Don Quixote

Barcelona's official tourism site

English online version of Cervante's "Don Quixote"

Elmundo.es Deportes


Tourism guide for each of Mexico’s 32 states

The Website for "Bilbao", a school on the outskirts of Mexico City

Virtual tours to many places in Mexico, including history, etc.

Arts, Culture, History of Mexico

Mexico para Niños-- Another super site, great to explore

Lots more stuff about Guadalajara, Mexico.

Virtual studio of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

The Mexican Museum in San Francisco.

Spanish missions in old California

Nice map of Mexico!

Visit Mexico City's Chapultepec Castle

Gorgeous pix of some of Mexico's volcanos and pyramids

Take a virtual tour of Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas

The official website of the Mexican state of Puebla

Virtual tours of 4 colonial cities of Central Mexico

Mexico Connect--Check out the "All About Mexico" section--halfway down on the left

Visit Llera, a quaint town set in the orange groves of Tamaulipas (be sure to click "Galería")

A very nice website on The Alamo

Mexonline.com--some great features in the "Content" area --Enjoy!

Visit Cozumel--very pretty!

The Mexican state of Morelos--Be sure to check out the "Destinos" and "Foto Galería" buttons

Cibercuates--A very colorful kids' site from Guanajuato, a state in Mexico

Enfoque Deportivo --a Mexican sports magazine

Plan a trip to Puerto Vallarta!

Dazzling fotos of Mexico

Other countries

Argentina -- www.sectur.gov.ar

Argentina -- www.e-argentina.com

Argentina -- The official Evita Perón website

Argentina -- Iguazú Falls: spectacular pix of this massive falls

Argentina -- Explore the world of the "Gauchos"--Argentina's cowboys

Argentina -- a great website for exploring Argentina; has a link to the Tango

Bolivia -- www.bolivia-tourism.comArgentina --

Bolivia -- CARE's virtual tour of Bolivia

Bolivia -- very pretty pix of Bolivia

Chile -- http://www.ciudadnet.com/chile/tc.htm

Chile -- http://www.visitchile.org/

Chile -- http://www.chileinfo.com/

Chile -- http://www.e-chile.com/

Colombia -- www.colombiaemb.org

Costa Rica -- www.incostarica.net

Costa Rica -- http://ns.cr/ very nice site!

Costa Rica -- http://www.travel-to-costarica.com/ Eco-tourism. Dazzling photos and tours

Cuba -- www.lahabana.com

Dominican Republic -- www.dominicana.com.do

Ecuador -- www.ecuador.org

Ecuador -- http://www.ecuador.com/

Ecuador -- Galapagos Islands -- be sure to check out the "Pictures" section

Ecuador -- Stunning pix from all around Ecuador, including the Galapagos

El Salvador -- www.virtualnet.com.sv/tourism

El Salvador -- http://www.4elsalvador.com/index.html picturesque!

Guatemala -- a great tourism site - lots of pix

Guatemala -- Nice views of Lake Atitlán

Guatemala -- More nice views of Panajachel, Lake Atitlán

Guatemala -- Hotel Casa Florencia in Antigua, Guatemala

Honduras -- visit the Mayan ruins of Copán

Honduras -- Let's Go Honduras--lots of pix!

Nicaragua -- "Your Guide to Nicaragua"--News, search, links, etc.

Paraguay -- Nice pictures from around Paraguay

Panama -- Incredible pix of the Panama Canal

Peru -- http://www.destination360.com/lostcities.htm

Peru -- http://www.e-peru.com/

Peru -- Nazca Lines

Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico.com: Your "window on Puerto Rico"

Puerto Rico -- Website for a huge Puerto Rican mall

Puerto Rico -- Explore the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico -- Very nice photo gallery

Uruguay -- Discover Uruguay virtual tours--click on itineraries and photo album

Venezuela -- Venezuelatuya: Nice Virtual Tours

Venezuela -- Think Venezuela: Online Tourism Directory

Ancient cultures

Maya astronomy page—math, writing, calendar, and useful links

Photos of ancient Mesoamerican ruins—Tulane University

Mesoamerican photo archives—pre-Columbian

Virtual tour of Teotihuacán

Indigenous images of Mexico: Mayan and Aztec images—nice pix.

Tenochtitlán—city of the Aztecs. Legends, gods, lots of colorful illustrations.

Mayan ruins—Spectacular photos of Mayan ruins

Incan ruins—Spectacular photos of Incan ruins

Teotihucán--Ancient city of the gods, near Mexico City

Mexico for Kids

Mayan-World.com--history, travel, pix

Easter Island--check out the massive stone moai

Olmec culture--REALLY old colossal stone heads

Cultures of Ancient Mexico--comprehensive & fascinating --many pix

Mundo Maya --a very nice website produced by the state Quintana Roo

Links to several Aztec, Inca, and Maya sites--very impressive!!







Creating accent marks on your keyboard

Since your American keyboard cannot create accent marks directly, you can do it this way:

1. Make sure “Num Lock” is “ON”

2. Use the keypad to type in these codes—as you hold down the ALT key

á é í ñ ó ú ü ¡ ¿

0225 0233 0237 0241 0243 0250 0252 0161 0191


0193 0201 0205 0209 0211 0218 0220

These codes are found in your computer's "Character Map" section: Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Character Map.

Francisco's professional links (teacher stuff)

Blaine Ray's website

Collegeboard AP Central

Susan Gross

New York Regents Spanish Proficiency Exam

MORETPRS main page

TPRS Publishing

Kristy Placido


Stephen Krashen

International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching

ACTFL Standards

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

Oklahoma PASS


Suzanne Giordano Craig's SDE World Languages

Jason Fritze

Joanne Goldstein's website

Goodteachingstuff.com - Ben Slavic

Tprstories.com (Karen Rowen)

Kristy Placido's school website

National Capital Language Resource Center

Great summary of TPRS philosophy and methodology by Karen Rowan