Early Literacy & Reading

Mrs. Linker's Crash Course in Phonics - a reader's phonetic cheat sheet

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This is a quick reference to most all phonetic skills your child has learned to use while reading. It's hard to remember everything when you are a beginning reader.
Linker's Crash Course in PHONICS.pdf

This will be a place to find all things reading at Edison Elementary (PK-2nd)

TONS of Early Literacy and Reading information, how-to, websites, YouTube videos/channels, games and more- all available in one spot.

Has your child's teacher ever said:

"Sara is struggling with syllable deletion. We are going to work as a team to make sure Sara will grasp this skill. Will you help her at home?"

You want to help your child but you have no clue what "syllable deletion" is or what to do to even help your child. This is where this website will come in handy.

Not only will your child be able to safely explore reading games but you will be able to find helpful information, examples, videos and games related to each reading skill your child must master in grades K-2.

This website is for you to find helpful information on reading skills your child is learning and testing on right here in Bristow.

This website will also include:

  • Explanations & Sample Questions to help your child learn and master their reading skills and you to understand them more
      • Phonological Awareness
      • Phonics
      • Sight Words
  • YouTube Videos that I recommend for helping to learn those reading skills
  • Games that will help students grasp those reading skills
  • Other websites I recommend to help develop your child's reading growth

The Bristow Public School District has selected Literacy First, STAR Early Literacy and STAR Reading as our state mandated assessments for grades K-2. These assessments are given at a minimum of 3 times per year; beginning of year, mid year, and end of year.

  • Literacy First: Oral - Paper/Pencil - Assesses: Phonological Awareness & Phonics
  • STAR Early Literacy: Computer Based - Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Early Numeracy
  • STAR Reading: Computer Based - Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Fluency

These assessments are designed and administered to measure the early literacy and reading skills of beginning readers. These assessments are administered to determine what your child knows, needs to know, and what they are ready to learn in relation to their reading growth.