Who We Are

Bristlecone Arts Collaborative has an open board position! We are looking for an individual who has a passion for the arts and who has experience in the legal field. 

Please emails us at info@Bristleconearts.org if interested! 

What does Bristlecone do and why is it important? 

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To distinguish art programs in rural public schools through building community and capacity. 


We envision Communities where all schools have the Capacity for robust art programs that encourage community involvement, energize teachers, and motivate students for artistic futures


Board of Directors

Alex Williard

Board Chair

Born in Lakewood Ohio, Alexander spent his formative years in the suburbs of Cleveland. He earned a fine art degree from Ohio State University. Alexander is now the editor for Wendover Productions, a video production company with an international viewership on Nebula and Curiosity Stream. He’s won national design contests, he’s been published in magazines and papers, and has worked with touring musicians to develop creative branding. He sees supporting the youth of Colorado with opportunities in creativity and the outlets to build self-confidence, not only a privilege but a responsibility that will foster a stronger community.

See more about Alex at: https://www.alexanderwilliard.com/

Kimber Mather


Kimber Mather is a loan officer at the Rifle Branch Alpine Bank, in Rifle, CO. She is a long time advocate for the arts and grew up singing in multiple choirs. She is an active member of her community and values volunteerism and community connections. In addition to Bristlecone Arts Collaborative, Kimber is the Chair for Reach Out Colorado, Lead for Totes for Hope, and volunteers at Lift Up and Extended Table.

Annie Henninger

Board Member 

Annie is the Art Supervisor for the City of Glenwood Springs. She loves looking at art, drawing, painting, photography, and sharing her love of art with others.

Annie has worked and taught at many art organizations and schools across Colorado, such as the Telluride Academy, The Ah Haa School for the Arts, Alpine Elementary I.B. World School, and the Aspen Art Museum. She hopes to leave the world a better place through her teaching and by helping folks to tap into the power of art and their own creativity. 

When Annie isn’t at work or in the classroom, she enjoys relaxing in her own backyard, gravel biking, or camping with her partner Keith and dog, Banjo. In the cooler months, she enjoys snowboarding with friends and drawing with the Roaring Fork Drawing Club on Tuesday evenings.  

Natalie Squillante

Board Member 

Natalie Squillante is a ceramicist, painter, teacher, and healer with seventeen years of experience practicing Reiki and teaching in the arts. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art in 2011 where she studied Ceramics and K-12 Art Education. Natalie has taught in back yards, living rooms, beaches, farms, schools, community spaces, non-profits, museums, and studios. Her teaching style and philosophy incorporate creative play, community and skill building, community-based arts projects, one-on-one instruction, and healing through the act of creating. Her priority is to help others feel good and figure something out while making or appreciating art. Natalie also has a passion for wood firing, skiing, biking and skateboarding.


Lindsay Latva

Executive Director

Lindsay Latva is a former public school visual arts teacher from 

2008-2021. During that time she taught middle and high school drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, installation, and performance art. She earned her Master's Degree in Art Education from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where she was Project Manager for the Center for Integrated Arts Education from 2015-2017. Her own art practice is primarily in fibers and watercolor, focusing on such themes as fragility, femininity, and journey. 

Lindsay's passion for collaboration, arts advocacy, and building thriving visual arts programs in schools have led her to create Bristlecone Arts Collaborative. She brings teaching perspective to the nonprofit world and seeks to use her strengths to elevate art education in rural communities. 


See more about Lindsay at: https://lindsaylatva.com

Our Name 

We are all about the outdoors here in Colorado. In searching for a name for our organization, we knew we wanted to reflect these values. It began with a search for plants that created natural dyes. This led to a list of native trees in the western US. Our research taught us that Bristlecone Pines are hearty, rugged, and withstand harsh environments. They are long-lived trees that grow in exposed conditions on mountains, often in high terrain. They can survive in rocky, windy, drought laden conditions. Through all of this, Bristlecone Pines are the oldest living trees in the Rocky Mountains. 

We thought this was a metaphor worth living. We believe the arts, and those who teach them, are strong, long-living, and can withstand harsh conditions. The arts are often forgotten or undermined by bureaucratic operations. However, they survive even the most difficult circumstances and are a what brings beauty to our communities.  

Here at Bristlecone, we believe that every student has the right to a meaningful and rich art education. We believe that the teachers in these programs are amazing, hard working, and full of dynamic ideas. We also know that sometimes as an Art Educator, you don't have quite enough time to make all of these ideas come to fruition. Bristlecone is dedicated to building the capacity of these programs so teachers may thrive in their ideas and students can benefit from these lasting experiences.