It's Time To Say Goodbye

We are writing with great sadness to let you know that BRINGIT Bags has come to an end. We have been working tirelessly during the past two years to launch BRINGIT, and our goal has always been to make a significant impact on the massive plastic pollution crisis we face. The groundbreaking materials in our products truly can change the trajectory of the plastic bag crisis at scale and we continue to believe it can change consumer behavior for the better.

Our journey has been both rewarding and quite challenging, but knowing that we did everything we could to make BRINGIT a viable business is something we all feel proud of. As we all know, the supply chain crisis, Omicron and now the retail sector’s overstocking and inflation hit made it more expensive and harder in every way to do business and this was in the end not something we could overcome. Building a company takes time and while we made significant progress and experienced success along the way, we simply ran out of runway.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for supporting our journey and our mission. Please continue to be optimistic about your ability to eradicate single use plastic bags and contribute to ending the plastic pollution crisis. And always remember to BRINGIT!

With gratitude,