Year 1/2 Blog

This year we would love to invite you to share the journey we embark on throughout your child's year of school. We’d like you to be 'in the know' about what has been happening, celebrate your child’s efforts and successes and know all about what is coming up for us as a team.

Year 1/2 Blog Update - Term 4 Week 10

Hello Families,

What a term we have had! This year has flown by and we now head towards Christmas and the end of a decade!!


The students really enjoyed sharing their arcade games with all the grades and family visitors last Friday.

Enjoy the gallery of photos.

Reminders for WEEKS 10/11

As we approach the end of the year, can you ensure that any library books are returned.

Parent Morning Tea – Friday 13th at recess (Please come along for some tea and yummy goodies as a thank you from teachers)

Year 2 Beach visit – Monday 16th (approx 10 am – 11 30am)

Year 1 Party - Wednesday 18th (2 30 – 3 30pm)

Meet The Teacher 2020 – Thursday 19th(10 00 – 10 30am)

Final Assembly 12 30 – 1 15pm

Early Finish 1 30pm

Robot Pinball

Ski Ball!

Wack 'em all!

Mrs Ancrum and Phoebe playing 'Ball Trap'

Go Ollie!

ONLY 4 weeks of school to go!

We have been hard at work this past 2 weeks, especially designing and creating our games for our inquiry unit.

We have been hard at work immersing ourselves into the land of toys and games. Students have used ideas from a boy, Caine and his Arcade, and created their own version of a game.

Students are now in the final stages of decorating, creating rules and testing their games ready for the whole school expo on the 6th of December!

We are in hay-fever season, which means many tissues are being used. Could you please send a box of tissues in to help with classroom supplies. Thank you!

Enjoy the pictures below of the Grade 1 students creating their games the past couple of weeks.

Important Dates Coming UP:

  • School Christmas Party- This FRIDAY!! (29th November)
  • Soiree- 3rd December
  • STEAM EXPO- 6th December
  • Class Parties- Date TBC
  • Last Day of School- 20th December- 1.30pm finish!!

Year 1/2 Blog Update - Term 4 Week 6

The Grade 2's had a fantastic, fun-filled night at the annual school sleepover! (See photos below)

T4 Reminders:

  • Week 7 & 8 - final 'Breaking News' Presentations (If your child's presentation is on PowerPoint please save to a USB, rather than send to Benita)
  • Friday 29th Nov - PA Whole School Christmas Party (Lucky Jar donation boxes are in classrooms)

The count down to Christmas in on!

A & J

Harry and Belle strutting their stuff on the PJ catwalk!

Pre movie excitement...everyone say SLEEPOVER!

Saturday morning hang out with friends <3

WOW! This term is flying, it is already week 4.

Some things that Grade 1 and 2 have been up to in the past 2 weeks have been:

*We are really getting into our Inquiry unit this term about ‘Toys’. We have been debating which toys are better- electronic or other toys. There were many arguments for both sides. The students have also that they will be designing and making arcade games out of cardboard and other recycled objects. The games they design will use forces such as push, pull, slide, (key learning from last term’s Inquiry unit) and they will have to select suitable materials. Our final product will be shared with parents and friends at the end of term in our STEAM expo!

We are asking for specific recycled items to be donated to help us with our creations:

§ rope/string

§ bottle tops

§ plastic bottles

§ small cardboard boxes

§ fruit netting

§ cardboard tubes ( e.g. Pringles, paper towel rolls, other cardboard tubing)

Many thanks

* We have enjoyed hearing about past toys that students have been presenting during ‘Speaking and Listening’.

*We have been looking at how authors persuade us to buy and do things and the features of a persuasive piece of writing.

*During reading we have been looking at the main idea and summarising. We have been using the text ‘The Lorax’, which has an environmental theme and looks at what we want and need.

* In Mathematics we have been reviewing multiplication and division. This has involved many hands on activities that involve sharing.

*We have been very lucky to have Brighton Secondary students come and help out during Tabloid Sports with Grade 1’s on a Wednesday afternoon.

*Running Club has begun again this term on Tuesday and Thursday morning. We have seen many Grade 1 and 2 students having fun running around the school.

*On Friday the 1st of November BBPS is having a nude food picnic. Students are encouraged to bring a lunchbox that is free of plastic wrap and wrappers.

*The Halloween Disco was a huge success. Thanks to all the parents who helped out decorating, supervising, packing up and organising behind the scenes.

Year 1/2 Blog Update - Term 4 Week 2

Welcome back everyone to our final fun-filled term of 2019.

It’s great to have our students back at school and we have enjoyed listening to all the holiday news. In grade 2, the students began their last term selecting some new ‘clock buddies’. These buddies are 12 different learning partners which we can during class activities. It’s a great way to work with different people encouraging our 5Rs.

We have also welcomed some grade 6 student into our classrooms as part of the peer mentoring program every Thursday. Our grade 6 leaders assist the class teachers and have the opportunity to work with individual students or small groups across areas such as reading, maths etc.


In our Year ½ term 4 literacy programme, the focus reading strategies are -: use prior knowledge, summarise/main idea, determine author’s purpose and compare/contrast. In addition, our focus author is Bob Graham, who writes and illustrates his books.


Our focus begins with persuasive writing, applying appropriate vocabulary and statements to convince readers through our writing.

Speaking and Listening – Breaking News begins in Week 3. Check your child’s class schedule.


At the beginning of this term we will be revisiting areas such as Place Value, number patterns and consolidating our number fluency.


This term we will be exploring design and technology through our inquiry unit "Toys and Games". The students have decided that they will be designing and making arcade games out of cardboard and other recycled objects. The games they design will use forces such as push, pull, slide, (key learning from last term’s Inquiry unit) and they will have to select suitable materials. Our final product will be shared with parents and friends at the end of term in our STEAM expo!

We are asking for specific recycled items to be donated to help us with our creations:

§ rope/string

§ bottle tops

§ plastic bottles

§ small cardboard boxes

§ fruit netting

§ cardboard tubes ( e.g. Pringles, paper towel rolls, other cardboard tubing)

Many thanks

Important Dates In Term 4.

Week 3 – Book Fair (Monday – Thursday, 0830-0900 and 1530 -1600) in the CLC.

Lael Stone presents a workshop for all families on Wednesday starting at 1830.

Lael will be sharing practical strategies to grow emotional awareness, empathy, resilience and confidence.

Find the event on Compass and consent to RSVP.

Children will be supervised to accommodate parents wishing to attend.

Halloween Disco – Friday 4.30pm-6.00pm (Prep – 2)

Week 5 – Grade 2 Sleepover – Friday 8th November

Week 6 – Excursion to Melbourne Museum (Toys workshop and IMAX) – Grade1 students: Wednesday 13th Nov

Grade 2: Thursday 14th Nov

Week 9 – STEAM expo (whole school) Friday 6th Dec

Hello Everyone,

We've been super active this week and wasn't yesterdays Junior School Sport Carnival a raging success!? Students participated in 12 activities demonstrating balance, agility and accuracy. Congratulations to all involved and a special mention to the Grade 2 leaders who helped the younger students throughout the morning.


Week 7

Monday 26th - 1A Assembly Item

Friday 30th - Fathers Day Breakfast & gift stall

Week 8

Tuesday September 3rd - Art Show & S.L.C

Weeks 9 & 10

Intensive swimming program - keep an eye out for compass consent form!


Following our exciting excursion to Scienceworks our learning about forces continues with inquiry workshops kicking off this week. Each class will rotate around the 5 level 2 teachers investigating and experimenting with areas of physical science.


Our focus this term is multiplication and division. Students are investigating repeated addition, arrays and solving worded problems, through workshops and games.


Over the past 4 weeks our literacy foci has been developing characters and settings using rich mentor texts. 2C and 2G have been using 'The Elephant' by Peter Carnavas as inspiration for their own writing pieces.


Week 5

Breaking News begins Monday 12th Aug

Book Character Parade Wednesday 14th Aug @ 9:15am in the hall

Week 6

1W Assembly Monday 19th August

Kaboom Sports Carnival Wednesday 21st August **Students may wear house colours!!

Dads Footy Match Saturday 24th

Weeks 9 & 10

Intensive swimming program - keep an eye out for compass consent form!

Welcome back to Term 3!

We have many amazing things happening this term and we have kicked it off with an excursion to Science Works!

Here are some comments from the Grade 1 students:

Sophia, 1M

We saw a toy show. My favourite part was when the man launched the rocket and tried to get it through the hoop. The rocket launched because the man pulled the bottom and then the air pushed the rocket off.

Jesse, 1M

At scienceworks we went to a toy show about forces. It was my favourite because the man made an air drum. Josh held a plastic cup and the man banged the drum and knocked down the cup.

Hifny, 1W

We saw toys in a forces show at Scienceworks. I enjoyed watching the rocket because it flys using air as the fuel. I learnt that when you bounce a ball the floor pushes it back up.

Taleen, 1W

On Tuesday we went to Scienceworks and saw a show about forces. I liked seeing the toys and there was a ginormous ball. I learnt that a thing won't move unless you push or pull it. I liked the rocket because it shoots using air.

Harper, 1A

On Tuesday, we went to Scienceworks! It was very fun and we got to do lots of things. We used technology to make our own cars and we also learnt about push, pull and gravity.

Mateo, 1A

I really liked Scienceworks because there were lots of things to do and see. We used a game on a screen to choose armour and collect as many pink diamonds as we could in 30 seconds. There were lots of screens telling us about the past, present and future. I learnt that when you bounce a ball the ground pushes the ball back into the air.

A big thank you to all the parents who came along to lend a hand, we all had a great day learning about ‘Forces’, our current Inquiry topic. Stay tuned for more.

Important Term 3 Dates:

Monday 29th July- 2G assembly

Friday 2nd August- Jeans for Genes Day

Monday 5th August- 2C assembly

Wednesday 14th August- Book Parade

Monday 19th August- 1W assembly

Please see compass for more dates and details.

The Level 2 Team

Hello families,

It's week 8 already. The students have been thoroughly enjoying the Inquiry workshops and are busy planning and preparing for the upcoming Science Fair. We look forward to seeing as many of you visit our classrooms next Friday afternoon.

Below is the link for the Science Fair.


We've really enjoyed listening to our Grade 2 students presenting their 'Breaking News'!

Check out the Grade 1 and 2 students having a ball at the Kaboom incursion, lead by the Grade 6's.

Look at us at the St Johns Ambulance Incursion! We learnt all about checking for dangers and what to do in an emergency!

Hello grade 1 and 2 families!

What a delight it was to have you joining us in our classrooms last week for Education Week! The students were excited to have so many visitors in our classrooms and greatly enjoyed sharing their learning with you.


We are continuing to infuse our Inquiry topic of ‘Rain, Hail or Shine’ into our reading and writing lessons, and are furthering our understanding about the water cycle. We have also been learning a lot of new, interesting words such as ‘evaporation’ and ‘precipitation’ and adding these to our word walls to use in our writing. We will soon be moving into narrative writing which will give our students the chance to bring their colourful imaginations alive!

We have also loved seeing such wonderful and creative Breaking News presentations this term. What a wonderful bunch of aspiring weather reporters we have! Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the students are well prepared for their presentations. Breaking news will continue with a new topic in weeks 7 and 8.


Last week year 1 worked on Farm maths that linked with Addition and Subtraction. We had so much fun creating farm animals using our counting strategies and being creative while showcasing what we learned in our year 1 workshops. Moving forward are wrapping up our unit about Addition and Subtraction and will be moving forward with time and money to conclude our Maths unit for this term.


It has certainly been a ‘whirlwind’ of a time in Inquiry over the last couple of weeks! We had Chris in last week from PrimeSci who taught us all about ‘our blue marble’ and the water cycle. We learnt the about the importance of the ‘just right’ conditions of planet Earth and the stages of the water cycle.

See the photos below!

Last week was our first rotation to become science experts about the weather! Our topics include;

  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Tropical storms
  • Clouds

Each class will spend a workshop session learning about each topic, and will be moving around the classes within our level team. At the end of these rotations each class will become an expert about their topic, and present these at the Science Fair in week 9!

Important dates

  • Week 6: Reconciliation week
  • 10th June: Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
  • 21st June: Science Fair (more details to follow!)
  • 21st June: Reports available for viewing on Compass
  • 25th June: Parent-teacher interviews
  • 28th June: 2.30pm early dismissal, end of term 2!

Stay warm and dry!

The Level 2 team

Year 1/2 Blog Update - Term 2 Week 3

Welcome back to Term 2!

It’s already been a busy few weeks and we have enjoyed listening to all the Easter holiday adventures! Grade 1 and 2 students should be congratulated for the way they have returned to school full of enthusiasm, ready to continue their learning.


We will be exploring what an explanation report/text looks like using authentic texts and delving deeper into the techniques and structures the author uses. Students will be researching and learning about different types of weather and sharing this through their writing.


Our mentor author for Term 2 is Margaret Wild. Students will be exposed to her style, rich vocabulary and phrasing, which ultimately will link to their writing. Our focus reading strategies are

- Inferring using evidence from text

- Summarising

- Questioning

- Use prior knowledge

- Use punctuation to maintain fluency


Addition and subtraction is our big idea! Students understanding will develop through hands on practical games, whole class instruction and workshops sessions.


Rain, Hail and Shine is our inquiry topic. Our incursion through Prime Sci ‘The Blue Marble’ will take place on Thursday 16th May. We are also looking forward to students sharing their Breaking News in the coming weeks!

WOW, what a term we have had! It has flown by and we have enjoyed getting to know all the families in our new classes.

During English in these past couple of weeks Grade 1 has been exploring First Peoples stories about their land, such as Tiddlick the Frog. We have used this text to create a mental image as we read. This will help us understand the story and make sense of the sequence of events. In writing Grade 2, have been drafting and publishing our ‘All About Me’ reports and Grade 1 have been writing letters to our buddies about ourselves. We have been through a drafting and writing process and have begun to develop our editing skills.

During Maths in these past couple of weeks Grade 1 has been experimenting with Mathematics groups and sharing what they know about numbers. We have been busy learning how to read, write, make and order the numbers to and beyond 100. We have also been learning to skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Something we have really enjoyed has been using the Blue Bots to help us give and respond to directions, such as left, right, backwards and forwards. Grade 2 have been learning more about place value using games and open ended activities.

We have continued to learn more about each other and our communities during inquiry this past couple of weeks. Many students have shared their family presentations. We have had an array of movies, family trees and many many cute baby pictures. This has given students another opportunity to speak in front of their peers.

We have been SO impressed with how well the students have adopted their home learning routine of ‘Look, Say, Name, Cover, Write, Check’ and look forward to seeing their spelling improve over the year. Please be aware that spelling will not occur in week 10- next week. Students are still asked to bring in their folders each day and read each night as their home learning.

Congratulations to all our year 1 and 2 students for a magnificent effort at the Walkathon last Thursday. Whether we were jogging or walking, we were improving our fitness, whilst also having a great chat with our fellow students along the way!!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter break, we look forward to seeing you next term!

Alison Coutts, Kylie White, Alice Mareska, Jodie Gates and Bonnie Anderson

Term 1 Reminders

*Please continue to collect Walkathon money from sponsors

*Final Assembly/Easter Raffle starts at 1.30pm with an early finish at 2 30pm on Friday 5th April

Term 2 reminders

*Term 2 Breaking News Schedule will be uploaded to the Blog and Compass before the holidays.

*The first week back we start on Tuesday the 23rd of April.

*ANZAC Day is Thursday 25th April and is a public holiday.

Hello level two families,

Welcome back to Term 1 at BBPS. A big thank you to those who attended our curriculum evening last week, it was great to see some new and some familiar faces.

It’s been a busy start here in Grade 1 and 2 and we’re all really excited to share what we have been learning, and what’s coming up.

Yoganauts was a great success again. All students enjoyed the 'activation stations'!

In Literacy we been setting up our reading communities and tuning into accuracy strategies that can help us to read words we are unsure of. Grade 1 have been reading Mrs Honeys Tree which is based on a true story about a small community, and we have enjoyed it as it links to our Inquiry unit.

Grade 2 have been reading and studying texts by Aaron Blabey.

In writing we are learning about information reports and we are setting up our writers notebooks. We have been brainstorming things that we like and would like to write about, investigating our names and starting to write an information report about ourselves.

In Maths we have been looking at place value and our use of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. It has been really fun using Base 10 to create numbers and use it to model our learning. We have been playing games to help us build our place value knowledge.

Our Inquiry topic for this term is ‘Community’, and we have been talking about our own community and places that are special to us. In the next few weeks we will be learning more about first peoples and the wider community of Victoria, Australia and the world. We have discussed our community and where we live, eat and the communities that we are a part of, such as sporting teams and school.

We have very much enjoyed sharing our ‘Me Bags’, which have enabled us to get to know each other within our classes. A Breaking News activity – ‘Tell Your Family Story’ is scheduled for week 8/9. More information will follow on Compass for classes.

A few little reminders:

  • Don’t forget to check compass for the level 2 curriculum guide.
  • Easter raffle collections have begun for each classroom. Hand in donations to your child's class.
  • Monday 11th March is a public holiday so enjoy your 3 day weekend!