2nd Grade Owls


The Rowan Owls. Table Champions.

This week we practiced and showed TEAMWORK.

Each table worked together throughout the day and week to earn dollars. The table that earned the most dollars and was crowned 'Table Champion' was the ROWAN OWLS! Congrats to ALL the tables who earned more dollars than the teachers!

In Reading, we completed our nonfiction unit. In Writing, we began adding details and revising and editing our pieces for our Informational Writing unit. In Math, we added up to 1,000 and began subtraction within 100. In Close Reading, we read The Stonecutter Who Was Never Satisfied and identified the theme of the passage.

Make sure to congratulate your Owl for their hard work and success on their first ANet assessment. As a class, we scored a 65% in Reading and 73% in Math which is WELL above the network average for both subjects!

    • Congrats to Ursula, Brooklyn, and Celia for scoring a 100% on their Math ANet assessment!
    • Congrats to Manea, Brooklyn, and Alex scoring a 100% on their Reading ANet assessment!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Mr. Pete, Mr. Ricky, Ms. Cassie