September 27

Soccer Elective

The members of the soccer elective are Liam, Oliver, Kellen, Charlie, Ari, Pedro, Simon and me. The teacher is Ms. Hauger. Kellen was not there at soccer elective yesterday. We play at the Under Armour stadium. Yesterday we did a drill called Rondo where one person is in the middle and all the other people pass the ball to each other without the person in the middle intercepting the ball. Then we played a match. The teams were me, Liam, Ari and Pedro. We ended up tying with each other.

By reporter Josh

Flying Blossoms

This week during parent teacher conferences you may have noticed some floating balls. I call those balls flying blossoms. They take weeks to make and sometimes they're painful if you're not careful while you're hot gluing. They are fun and satisfying when you're making them. The flying blossoms are lots of work to build. They're made from coffee filters that are colored in a pattern or died. The coffee filters get put onto a circle lantern. This process can take up to two months depending on how big of the lantern. For a small lantern we use 400 to 405 coffee filters. For a medium sized lantern we use 700 to 705 coffee filters. For big lantern we use 900 to 905 coffee filters. To me it is tiring but when it is done it looks beautiful and you feel like you have really accomplished something.

By reporter Declan

My name Sumana and l am a first year flamingo. My elective was on Wednesday. I choose gardening because I really like to garden. I garden with my mom at home. My teacher’s name is Ms Mesa. I like her, she is cool.

First we got some tools and then Ms. Mesa showed us some spots where could garden and then some spots where we shouldn’t garden. The areas that we couldn’t garden didn’t have any soil. We only put plants where there is soil. We got some shovel and digging because we already had some plants to plant. There were also a lot of weeds that we pulled. We put those weeds in a pile. Then we pulled some more weeds because there were a lot of weeds.

I had a really good in gardening. I am really looking forward to the next class.

By reporter Sumana

We have been doing MAP testing all week, it's a lot of fun. We do lots of testing: maths, reading, grammar and science. MAP testing is not like normal testing, it is not graded. So you can relax and do it without stress because it is only used as an evaluation.


On the Lego Elective we were given little slips of paper with something written on it. Mine said can you build a tall creature. So I built a really weird Creature. Next l built a Ugandan knuckles (a meme) Sculpture out of red Legos. Legos are Great things! Also Mr. L said that if all the legos in the world were divided with every single person in the world everyone would get 62 legos because the Lego company keeps a record on how many Legos are made! I love legos because they are so great.

By reporter Mateo

Working on a tree team project

Hello everybody I am reporter Liam! We made blossoms yesterday out of coffee filters. We put dots and swirls in the center with marker. I was in a group with other students. It was really fun! We need to make 400 Coffee filters and draw on them. It is a lot of work. And it takes a lot of time. We also need to fold each coffee filter and hot glue it to the other coffee filters. And two people burnt themselves with the hot glue gun. They hang from the ceiling.

by reporter Liam


An ambassador is a role model for other students that shows the core values Respect, Compassion, Justice, Citizenship, Excellence, and Integrity. Also when you're an ambassador kids shadow you, and you get to show parents around the school. In order to be an ambassador at Bridges Middle School you have to get a sheet of paper and you have to wright why you want to be an ambassador. When you're done with that you have to give it to Ms. Pritchard. After that you get interviewed by Ms. Pritchard at break. For the first 30 days you have to show MS. Pritchard that you can be an ambassador.

By reporter Oliver (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

More Than

PinK Cancer Walk.

Hello! It’s Maya here and I’m so excited to share with you what I will be writing about for this week’s website. Today I am going to be talking about the More Than Pink Walk. This walk is not just any old walk where you wear pink and go on a walk, it is a walk to support those who have had to deal with breast cancer. It is not only just about wearing pink This walk is in Downtown, Portland. People have a ceremony or a party to congratulate survivors. They wave head scarves, which people with cancer wear, to cheer them on. The ones who are survivors walk down an aisle while supporters cheer them on. Families leave notes in memory of their loved ones who didn’t survive and have died. My mom was one who had to deal with breast cancer and she managed to survive. She was also one of the ones that walked down the aisle. I actually went on the walk. I went with my mom, two of her friends, and three of my friends. Everyone walking wore pink. They also had scarves around their heads to show support. I wore a pink shirt, a pink jacket, a necklace, a bracelet, a breast cancer badge and a pink ribbon in the shape of the cancer symbol. I also wore face paint with the cancer symbol and some dots around my eyes. I also wore a pink headband. At the beginning of the walk, People cheer for all the supporters and wave pom- poms. They do this at the end of the walk too. Then at the end people gets pink flowers as an award to say, “You have successfully finished the More Than Pink Walk.” People wear pink mostly on the walk because pink is the main cancer logo color. The symbol for cancer is a twisted pink ribbon. I hope you enjoyed my website and I’ll see you next time!

By reporter Maya.

In the Flamingo class Wednesday is Project day. It is my favorite day of the week. During project day the class makes gifts for all the other teachers. This year we have two new teachers so we should give them some Flamingo room projects. Projects too. For every room we make fun and interesting projects.So the flamingo room makes the word YET! The word yet has a lot of power. Because if you're having a hard time with something that you can't do YET you might be able to do that in the future. That is why YET is a very important word. So for each class room we make the word YET out of wooden letters. Since there are two new teachers this year we have to make two yets out of wood. And give them to the teachers to hang in their classrooms.

So on Wednesday we started our first big project making YETs for the other two classrooms. So we formed a small group of 5 and we started to make YETs for the two other classrooms. I started to work on the Y or the history classroom. Since one of the core values for the school is excellence my rough draft probably took longer than it usually does. It took me almost 3 hours to get the rough draft down but when I was finished it felt really good. I might write more on this next week.

By reporter KAI