Flamingo Kids

Our Wednesday projects have been a great success.

We have donated pillows, dog toys, cat toys, toys, gifts for teachers and on our way to creating even more.

The supply ask list has been updated! If you have items available, we would love them.

Why projects on Wednesdays?

Working on projects helps the kids build important skills. They learn to create an idea, work with others in collaboration to create their ideas and experience the sense of joy in their accomplishment. They learn what to do when frustrated, how to solve problems and how to work with patience.

We donate or give away all of our projects. This allows the children to understand giving is important and they begin to think outside of themselves. Many people have donated to help us out and this is the experience of gratitude for the kids.

We are currently looking for:

  • Newspapers
  • Glass baby food jars
  • Wax paper rolls or sheets