At Home Learning

Resources for Parents on Helping the Learning Continue while at Home

We understand that this can be a confusing situation which we have been placed in, so hopefully the information in this site will help us continue educating our students together.

Students in Grades K-12 will be sent home devices to access and complete their school work. Below are some tips and tricks to make the transition to online learning easier.

Connecting Device to WiFi

Connecting Your Chromebook to Your Home WiFi

The video to the left contains the instructions on how to connect your Chromebook to your home WiFi, this is important to getting the best experience. This video walks you through the steps to get your Chromebook connected to the internet.

eLearning Lesson Plans

To view the days' lessons for your student, sign into ClassLink and go to Google Classroom (PK-8) or Canvas (9-12). All of your lessons should be available for you to complete.

Technology Support

If your student is in need of Technology Support, please click on this link: Technology Support

Recommended Parent Guidelines

  • Set up a workspace at home, if one does not already exist, to support a routine for continuing studies.

  • Students will be able to bring their assigned devices home. Please ensure students take care of and keep up with their devices.

  • Google Classroom (PK-8) or Canvas (9-12) is the primary tool for at-home student learning via school-issued computers. Teachers will upload content, assignments and activities daily. Access to any online resources, such as textbooks, program, etc. can be accessed via ClassLink.

  • Students will be responsible for logging in and completing assignments and activities per teacher instructions. Students are encouraged to use supplemental study options such as Khan Academy, which can be found in ClassLink.

  • Create a routine for the day. Here is an example schedule

  • Support for English Learners

Notice to Parents:

Many of our teachers are utilizing the option for students to join virtual meetings with their teacher and or class. Please read the following document concerning this action. Notice of Virtual Meetings