Why Homework is Set

The School believes that a good, well-managed homework programme helps our students to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning.

Homework is highly beneficial because it helps develop these skills:

  • To enable students to manage their time and work to set deadlines

  • To teach students how to use the internet and library effectively so that they can develop their understanding

  • To read with passion and encourage them to read as much as possible in all subject areas

  • To create something that they are proud of and want to present to their class, peers and parents

  • To practice the skills they have learnt in the classroom and develop their resilience

  • To prepare for knowledge tests, big assessments and their GCSE Examinations.

How can Parents Support their Children?

We ask that parents support their children by seeing that home learning is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions. Facilities and conditions that are conducive to study include:

  • Access to a suitable place to study and away from distractions, including mobile phones, computer games or the TV. Research shows that it can take at least 15 minutes to return to a state of full concentration after a text message or phone call has distracted us

  • If there isn’t somewhere quiet to work at home, encourage your child to use the LRC

  • Encourage your child to spend a set amount of time each evening on homework and take an interest in what they are studying.

Accessing and Recording Homework

All homework will be recorded by teachers. All resources that the students will need to complete the work will be uploaded to Classcharts. Students will be able to see all submission deadlines and should plan their work around these deadlines.

You can access the web version of the app on www.classcharts.co.uk

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