Teacher Mentoring Project

New Teachers, Welcome to the Bridgehampton School.

We look forward to seeing you at our first new teacher mentoring meeting on Wednesday September 27 in the school Library at 2:45.

The New Teacher Mentoring Project at the Bridgehampton School is a collaboration between new teachers, mentee and administration. We meet on a monthly basis in a group and individually throughout the year.

Goal: The goal of the Bridgehampton School's New Teacher Mentoring Project is to promote the professional growth and development of the beginning teacher to improve student learning.

Your mentor will support new teachers in guiding and enhancing their planning, instruction, and content knowledge. The mentor guides the beginning teacher in the use of classroom and student data to formulate strategies, solutions, and next steps.

Strategies… are not limited to a wide range of strategies available to the mentor in working with the beginning teacher.

A list of some strategies is included below:

  • introduce and orient the new teacher to the school
  • use a research-based framework to guide the new teacher in reflecting on practice for the purpose of growth and development
  • use structured tools (such as the Formative Assessment System) to
  • guide interactions and keep the conversation focused
  • view new teacher’s classroom to provide objective non-judgmental data
  • arrange reciprocal classroom visits model and conduct demonstration lessons

Jim Knight-Partnership Principles