Lenore Wright

English Classes 2018 - 2019

Teacher: Lenore Wright

E-mail: lwright@bridgehamptonschool.com

Extra Help: Wednesdays after school

Welcome, students!

I hope you had a marvelous summer and have returned to school with energy and determination.

Your academic efforts during these next few years will set the stage for college and career success. This is a time to challenge yourself and define your goals. I hope that building and refining your English language skillset is at the top of your list of goals.

Students sometimes think that school learning has little practical application. Think again. The communication skills you master in English class will help guide your successes not only in school, but in career and your personal life as well. We can all improve our communication skills with guidance, effort, and practice.

Below you will find the following:

  • A chart of classroom PBIS character expectations
  • Links to individual classroom pages
  • Link to the detailed Scope and Sequence of each class level

Please visit your classroom page regularly for updates on assignments, homework, and deadlines.

Ms. Wright

PBIS Classroom Behavior Expectations:


Each class day you are evaluated on these three characteristics which impact learning and the classroom environment.


Approach work with a positive attitude

Resist complaining about amount of work or lack of interest in the work

Helpful attitude toward teachers and peers

Willing to complete work, edit work, or re-do an assignment


Retain control of body and belongings

Resist backtalk, grumbling, snide comments

Positive entry and exit from classroom

If leaving class for locker or restroom do so unobstrusively

Resist mocking or bullying and pretending it is a ‘joke’


Volunteer in discussion

Answer respectfully when asked a direct question

Bring in outside information to expand discussion

Volunteer to help others understand concepts or complete work

Listen quietly and enthusiastically while others contribute

Positive suggestions for improved learning