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Just look around you, October is a month of wonderful changes! October is also a month of not just being aware of your surroundings, but of important causes such as.......

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • National Bullying Prevention
  • *Unity Day (Wednesday, October 25)

Let's make children aware of causes and encourage them to start getting involve. They are the future and the future is starting now!

This month fourth graders read facts about Breast Cancer and shared some of their new found knowledge on the subject,by giving out pencils with a fact attached, to staff members.

This month we have also read and discussed the following books...

Tiger Rising by Kate DeCamillo

The book deals with the holding back of emotions,bullying,and friendship.

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

The book deals with emotional hardships, friendships and learning that true friends encourage one another and keep their promises.

My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig

This book helps children realize that it's not possible for a person to be your friend and the person who bully's you. The book deals with learning to accept who you are and liking yourself even when a bully tries to make you feel like you shouldn't.

*Wear orange to school on October 25th to show

Unity Together Against Bullying

United For Kindness, Acceptance And Inclusion

This month fourth graders are also having a Halloween Reading Octoberfest!

The Fourth Graders will be challenging themselves to each read at least five Halloween themed books.

Engage your children in conversations.

Fridays are great days to ask your children to tell you about important or interesting facts or lessons they have learned about in school during the week!

Fourth Grade Classroom Expectations

  • Students are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness.
  • Students are expected to listen to and follow directions.
  • Students are expected to work and play in a safely manner.
  • Students are expected to complete all of their assignments neatly and on time.
  • Students are always expected to do their best and maintain a positive attitude.

Scope and Sequence