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contact phone: 631-998-1353

extra help: Thursdays after school and by appointment when applicable

Welcome to foreign language! Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have concerning student progress. We look forward to an enjoyable and productive year and continued success in the pursuit of foreign languages and how they impact the future of our students.

Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence is directed by the requirements of the New York State Education Department. In order to assess the progress of students who study foreign languages, the language department at BHS has been dedicated to expanding the cognitive development, creativity, critical and divergent thinking of our students. Please note that the Scope and Sequence of French classes are conducted with the expectation necessary to improve interest in the target language as well as promote interest in other world languages. Currently, the Scope and Sequence of French classes encourage skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Cultural awareness and appreciation are also a vital part of the foreign language curriculum. Included here are examples of the Scope and Sequence of various classes: please note that the information here includes but is not limited to the Scope and Sequence listed. Thank you for your time and interest. - Ms. Stepanian

French 7.pdf
French 8.pdf
French I.pdf
French II.pdf
French III.pdf

Class Rules: * Please refer to school wide documents for overall procedures in classrooms

* Bee Respectful

* Bee Helpful

* Bee Courteous

* Bee Cooperative

* Bee Tolerant


Students will be expected to submit assignments in a timely manner.

In order to avoid equivocation and procrastination, questions may be answered in advance of any assignment whether it be a homework assignment or a project.

Expectations: * Students will respect the learning environment at all times

* Students will never be afraid to ask a question

* Students will focus on appropriate behavior and will not attempt to engage other students in disruptive behavior

* Students will strive to succeed

* Students will focus on being positive and helpful to all