Emergency Snow Plan

Our aim is always for the school to remain open throughout any bad weather. However we would have to take the decision to close for the following reasons;

  • If we had no power and/or heating and/or hot water

  • If a number of our emergency cover staff were unable to work due to sickness or inability to walk to school leaving classes without an acceptable level of cover

  • If we were directly advised to remain closed

If we do need to close, we will inform Essex County Council of this decision as early as possible.

We will inform parents via Facebook, text and/or Ping.

If the weather is particularly bad and roads are impassable we expect that a number of our teaching and support staff may be unable to get to work and have planned accordingly. In this event we will keep the school open and operate our Emergency Snow Plan (see below). We will inform all parents and staff in the same manner as we would notify them of a school closure via Facebook, email and via text and/or Ping using the wording, “School will remain open today but we will be operating the Emergency Snow Plan.”

Emergency Snow Plan

  • School will be open for all children

  • Breakfast club will be open as usual for all children

  • The children will be kept inside during the day using “Wet Play” protocols

  • We will continue to offer catering arrangements at lunchtime. However, due to the possibility of low staffing it would be helpful if your child could bring a packed lunch and only cold lunch bags/rolls will be available to order.

  • All after school activity clubs and lettings will be cancelled

  • School will close by 4pm

  • Any Extra Curricular activities, special days, parent assemblies/showcases or trips will be cancelled and rearranged for a later date

  • Paths inside the school site will be regularly salted to ensure safe movement into the school site

  • Where teachers are unable to gain access to school their classes will be covered by two members of support staff who are all known to the children. Depending on numbers, classes may be merged.

  • The office phone lines will be covered all day and the office will remain open until 4pm however we would ask that you only contact us if this contact is absolutely necessary and that non urgent queries are kept until we are open as usual.