In September 2018, Brent International School Subic presented a weekend with Ken O'Connor in conjunction with EARCOS. Mr. O'Connor is a sought-after speaker on the topic of grading & reporting. Over the last 19 years he has worked in 47 states, 9 provinces and one territory, and in 25 countries outside North America.

Developing Effective Grading and Reporting Practices

“Nothing really changes until the grade book and the report card changes.”

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment have increasingly become standards-based but parallel changes in grading and reporting have been slow in some schools. We need to move from a culture of grading to a culture of learning, and from individual to shared practices. Grades must be accurate, consistent, meaningful and supportive of learning and report cards need to be part of a communication system that provides rich, understandable information about each learner.

This institute will provide opportunities to review the following:

- The seven P’s of grading (Procedures, Policy, Purpose, Principles, Practices, Principals/School Leaders and Practicality)

- the base for grading and reporting (subjects and/or learning goals);

- performance standards (points/ % /levels);

- honoring the learning process (formative/summative and more recent);

- ingredients in grades and how you report behaviors;

- the determination of grades (calculation/professional judgment);

- how you handle hot button issues (late and missing work, academic dishonesty, homework)

- student involvement in the assessment, grading and reporting processes, and

- expanded-format standards-based reporting and your system for communicating student learning.

Despite weather concerns, the workshop was a complete success, with 39 attendants from 4 countries gathering at Brent Subic to discuss how to improve grading techniques and practices.