EFT: Tapping Information

This is my 14th year of teaching Special Education classes. I taught for 10.5 years in a high school setting and am on my 3rd year teaching middle school. I stumbled across this technique for dealing with test anxiety and became intrigued. I am continuing to further my knowledge and practice with tapping.

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A little background:

  • Early last fall, I came upon the process of Tapping. I was intrigued! The more research I did, the more I became convinced that this was something I needed to invest some time, energy and money into. I signed up for and completed a 16 hour course on Tapping in the Classroom. Through that class, I learned the benefits of tapping, not just for students, but also for teachers. I have been using tapping and have started using it with my oldest son. I plan to extend this to my two younger children very soon. Just like anything else, this may work for some and not others, that is ok. I feel that it is important to add as many coping techniques as possible to the "toolboxes" of our children as this world poses many difficulties that they will need to face. Please look through these pages where I have summarized what I have learned through my research and course information. There are many uses for tapping, but I have focused on the classroom so far. Sometimes, we are afraid of change, I embrace change and hope that this will be beneficial for everyone involved. If you are interested in more information or setting up a meeting with me, please contact me at mlbush@brcsd.org.