Precinct chairs

Find your precinct number on the left side of your voter registration card, as indicated by red outline.

Precinct Chair versus Election Judge

It is no longer the case that the election judge and precinct chair are synonymous. The precinct chair should be getting Democrats and like-minded voters to the polls, while the election judge should be running the election.


  • The precinct chair is a partisan Party position.
  • The election judge is a non-partisan position.
  • There is no law prohibiting a precinct chair from being an election judge.
  • The precinct chair usually should not be the election judge.
  • The precinct chair should help find judges, alternate judges, and clerks

As stated earlier, in some cases it is more useful for the precinct chair to be the election judge, alternate judge, or clerk, This should be the exception rather than the rule.

(From the Texas Democratic Party Grassroots Handbook)

Interactive Precinct Map

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Map courtesy Gretchen Miller

Precinct chair is the fundamental building block of the party

The party leader in the voting precinct is the precinct chair, who is elected by the voters in the precinct in the Democratic Primary. The precinct chair is the go-to person for all Democratic precinct activity. An active, effective precinct chair makes an enormous difference in the success of the Party and our candidates.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a list that includes, but does not limit, the official and unofficial duties and responsibilities of the precinct chair:

  • Organize the precinct and get to know the people in the precinct
  • Be a standing member of the County Executive Committee
  • Represent the precinct by attending every County Executive Committee meeting
  • Get your voters to the polls
  • Bridge the gap between voters and elected officials
  • Help find judges, alternate judges, and election clerks
  • Get people to do the following volunteer jobs:
  • Work the precinct polling place on Election Day
  • Pass out literature
  • Report pertinent information back to the Democratic party headquarters and Democratic campaigns
  • Dress the polls on Election Day
  • Understand the TDP Rules and Texas Election Code
  • Encourage primary voters to attend the precinct convention
  • Place sign(s) at the Primary voting locations indicating the location of the precinct convention
  • Organize and conduct the precinct convention
  • To call a CEC meeting when County Chairs fail to do so