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Action: Support victims of rape by advocating for better police training.

A local activist checked websites and annual reports of the police department of College Station and Bryan but could not find any information about their staff being trained in this subject.

Write: Your chief of police

Bryan: Eric Buske https://weblink.bryantx.gov/Forms/uTxLz or

Scott McCollum smccollum@cstx.gov (College Station)

Script: I am a resident of [town] writing to advocate for victims of rape in our community. New research shows that rape victims’ memories are impaired by trauma, leading police to mistrust and discredit their accounts. Fortunately, training is available for law enforcement to conduct effective questioning that leads to justice. Certified courses are available at no cost from End Violence Against Women International. To better serve and protect, I would like your department to offer this training for the benefit of officers, rape victims, and our community. I look forward to your response on this important issue.

Background info: Effect of trauma on memory, behavior