Before You Hunt

Lodging - All cabins are heated, have full bathrooms with hot/cold water, full bunks with mattresses, cook stoves and refrigerators. Most cabins do not have dishes or cooking utensils. Our accommodations include twin beds, so sleeping bags or sheets to fit these beds are necessary. All hunters are responsible for their own bedding.

ATV Use - The use of ATVs is discouraged. ATVs may be used for retrieval of game when necessary. If riding on an ATV, the hunter must have his gun completely unloaded and secured in a hard case (as per Division of Wildlife rules).

Firearms - Firearms are to be completely unloaded any time the hunter is in a vehicle. While on foot, we recommend there be no bullet in the chamber until the hunter is ready to shoot.

Alcohol - You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks. While everyone is encouraged to have a good time during his hunt, there will be absolutely no toleration of alcohol in the field or anywhere outside of the camp, in the field, vehicles or at anytime while hunting.

Care of Game - We will help you get your game out of the field and skinned at no charge. It is each hunter's responsibility for the care and processing and shipping of their animals. We have a large walk-in cooler for game storage and can assist you in getting your meat to a local processor.

Taxidermist - We also will have a taxidermist in camp to assist you with your cape or mounting if you prefer. The fees for this are between the two parties.

Gratuity - Gratuity for cooks and guides are encouraged but are at your discretion. Industry averages are 5-10%.

Hats, Apparel and Other Goodies - The Bray Ranch Store has various items for sale including shirts, caps, jackets, sweatshirts and miscellaneous clothing, along with cups and other items.

Items Needed to Hunt

  1. Sleeping bag, pillow and towels (bunks with mattresses provided)
  2. Hunting rifle and gear
  3. All appropriate licenses
  4. Orange hat and vest (rifle hunts)
  5. Knife
  6. Flashlight
  7. Small backpack or fanny pack
  8. Two-way radio (recommended)
  9. Wet/cold weather gear and clothing, especially gloves and footwear
  10. 4-wheel drive vehicle (strongly encouraged)
  11. We limit the use of ATVs to established roads and trails and do not recommend or encourage their use