What is Bravera?

In 1Q2020 Bravera is going green and promoting health, wellness, and sustainability.

For anyone that seeks to live a healthy lifestyle, buy sustainable products and services, and create impact at the same time.


We empower people to make change, one step at a time, one purchase at a time. By converting walk and run distance into points and rewards with sustainable products and services, people get healthier, make conscious lifestyle changes, and gradually change the world.

Who are Bravera?

A Hong Kong Cyberport start-up that graduated from Silicon Valley's Founder Institute and named among top 10 Hong Kong startups to watch, by Silicon Republic magazine. In 2020, we entered the Green Queen Biz Network to focus on sustainability.

Committed to combining technology and human movement to promote a healthier world.

People move more, improve their personal, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, get rewards linked to local businesses to contribute to the local economy and, where possible, we strive to ensure the local partners represent sustainable products and services.

What we offer

Access: targeted exposure to users passionate about health, wellness, and sustainability.

Conversion: attract and convert users to redeem rewards with your business

  • offline / onsite redemptions driving footfall and increased in-location residual spend
  • online redemptions driving users to your eCommerce platform to redeem and purchase (coming soon)

Why? Movement is powerful

Something is worth more when 'earned'.

When rewards are connected to person effort, it means MUCH MORE than a 'flash sale'. Combine this group participation and the ability to invite others to join and compare where you and your friends sit on a leaderboard, and you have engagement.

How does it work?

Through using Bravera, users can not only improve their general health, but also the health of the economy. Making purchasing decisions that have positive impact for themselves, the economy, and environment. Creating an emotional & psychological connection between health, wellness, and consumption.

Offer Listing

Offer listed on marketplace with logo / product image

Detailed Description

Click to view offer details & buy with points or take a challenge

(service/product info, offer details, T&Cs)

Walk/run converted

Customers convert walk and run data into points for rewards

Reward unlocked

Customers unlock reward - a unique QR code to be scanned / validated at partner location.*

*No 3rd party POS terminal integration necessary. *From April 2020, Bravera will offer online offers to partner that do not have physical store / location (drive users to you with coupon codes)

Example Results*

  • 44% are new customers to partners
  • 55% make additional purchases during redemption
  • 86% tell others about the offer
*Online survey done in Hong Kong with existing users taking live challenges.

A Hong Kong Cyberport Company

Graduate of Silicon Valley's Founder Institute

Part of the Green Queen Biz Network