Who are we?

Bravera is a platform that converts walk and run data into points that can then be converted into rewards.

A Hong Kong Cyberport start-up that graduated from Silicon Valley's Founder Institute and named as one of the top 10 Hong Kong startups to watch in 2019, by Silicon Republic magazine. In 2020, we are also entering the Green Queen Biz Network.

Committed to combining technology and human movement to promote a healthier world and reward people, at the same time.

People move more, improve their personal, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, get rewards linked to local businesses to contribute to the local economy and, where possible, we strive to ensure the local partners represent sustainable products and services.

In 1Q2020, we will also be introducing a subscription based membership that will allow paid members higher points and benefits where a portion of their memberships gets donated to selected registered NGOs.

In short, allowing Bravera user the ability to Move. Get Rewarded. Make Impact.

What we offer

When you decide to become a Bravera Partner and offer discounted products and services, you will get:

Increased exposure to your brand and service

An opportunity to convert members of the Bravera audience into your customers

Drive footfall and revenue to your place of business (physical or online)

Bonus Bravera Points and increased daily points threshold for you and your employees (as a thank you!)

Movement is powerful

Something is worth more to you when you 'earned' it.

When rewards are connected to physical effort and people and invested in exchanging physical effort in return for a reward, that reward means SO MUCH MORE than a 'flash sale'. Combine this group participation and the ability to invite others to join and compare where you and your friends sit on a leaderboard, and you have engagement.

Want to be part of our partner network?

A Hong Kong Cyberport Company

Graduate of Silicon Valley's Founder Institute

Part of the Green Queen Biz Network