Move it For Mental Health 2020

Who are we?

Bravera is a platform that converts walk and run activity into points and rewards.

A Hong Kong Cyberport start-up that graduated from Silicon Valley's Founder Institute and named as one of the top 10 Hong Kong startups to watch in 2019, by Silicon Republic magazine.

Committed to combining technology and human movement to promote a healthier world. People move more, improve their personal, psychological, and emotional wellbeing, get rewards linked to local businesses to contribute to the local economy and, where possible, we strive to ensure the local partners represent sustainable products and services.

Bravera is PROUD to be part of Move it for Mental Health 2020!

Message from Bravera's Founder, Alyn Watkins:

"As someone that has experienced mental and emotional health personally at different stages in my life and someone that has a family member suffering depression for more than a decade, I'm most certainly behind this cause, what is stands for, the need to move and be healthy and fit. THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that takes part in this initiative. Even if you do not participate in the Mind HK challenge with Bravera after reading this ... as long as you TAKE PART SOMEHOW ... then we will make progroess and be one step closer to increasing awareness, understanding, and accessibility to help when things are tough, for all."

How will Bravera Support Move it for Mental health 2020?

Bravera converts walk and run data into points and rewards with local partners. Encouraging you to move more, be healthier, and create local impact through getting discounts with local partners, or supporting local causes (as in this case with Mind HK).

For ALL participants that sign-up during the Move it for Mental Health month 2020 in February and completes 150km (approx. 200k steps) in 30 days .. we will give you:

1,000 points BONUS on challenges completion (equivalent of 100km activity to spend in our marketplace with local reward partners).

A 15% OFF your bill with partner Cafe 8.

A FREE Mind HK Sweat Band.

Both reatuarant / cafe and social enterprise and S88 listed charity with amazing views of Hong Kong's Harbour front.

Challenge launch inside the Bravera App: February 1st 2020, 07:00AM

For Apple iPhone (iOS) Users

Follow the instructions by clicking on HERE to set-up your iPhone to be ready for the Mind HK challenge in February.

For Android (Google Play) Users

Follow the instructions by clicking on HERE to set-up your iPhone to be ready for the Mind HK challenge in February.


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Graduate of Idea-stage accelerator, the Founder Institue.

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Part of the Cyberport Incubation Programme.