Pala Labs

Building a better future for the internet

Our mission

Pala creates and catalyzes businesses that offer positive impact, not negative externalities; that deliver trust and integrity, not marketing pitches; that flourish because of, not despite, changing expectations of responsibility and regulation; and that empower, not exploit, users and user data.

Mission and impact driven

Pala Labs is the premier incubator for technology startups that seek positive impact and business success on an equal footing. Pala fills a gap in the startup support ecosystem by prioritizing mission-driven founders while creating opportunities for a new class of public benefit funders to see their ambitions realized.

Pala combines world-class technology, business, and storytelling with our extensive personal networks to develop the next generation of successful technosocial entrepreneurs.

Hands-on support

Pala is not like most incubators. Central to Pala's strategy for maximizing trust and user empowerment is hands-on engagement with project code. Operating under the umbrella of the non-profit Brave New Software Project and structurally inheriting the BNS mission, culture, and values, Pala provides engineering and strategy support to turn ideas and prototypes into viable products and businesses ready to pursue seed-level investment capital or market launch.

A different approach

This formula requires a different approach. Sometimes it costs more, or takes longer to realize a return. But, while market value and return on investment remain important, because Pala is not driven by profit, positive impact for the mission comes first.

Building (for) a better future

With close ties to internet policy, Pala can see around the corner and invest alongside, not despite, evolving changes to laws and norms--advocating to make the internet better in principle, while building technologies to realize those changes in practice.


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