About the Dashboard

About the Dashboard

The Construction Dashboard is intended to help industry bodies, individual builders, government and training providers understand what is happening in the industry today, and where it is headed tomorrow. It does this by providing an interactive summary of key indicators explaining the current state of the industry, and forecast changes.

How we got here

The development of the Dashboard was funded by the BRANZ Research Levy as part of a wider programme on productivity and performance in the industry.

The Dashboard project began by identifying a list of over 40 potential performance, productivity and forecast measures. We were able to reduce the number of potential indicators down to a group of around a dozen to discuss with stakeholders.

Workshop and discussions

The BRANZ Economics team, working closely with the building industry, government, and training providers, whittled the list of indicators down further through a collaborative workshop and follow-up discussions with relevant data owners.

Participants and contributors to the discussion included:

  • Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (ITO)
  • Certified Builders Association of New Zealand
  • Construction Strategy Group
  • Infratrain (the civil engineering ITO)
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ministry of Education
  • New Zealand Specialist Trade Contractors Federation
  • Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand
  • The Skills Organisation (the construction trades ITO).