Day 2

Day 2 saw our students visiting the University of Toronto in the morning and, despite some rain, students were able to visit the St. George campus and get a taste of what life might be like if they went to University in Canada. Students were also able to visit the University of Toronto bookstore and many of our students came away with some nice souvenirs from their visit. In the afternoon, three of our Branksome Hall Asia graduates came to speak to our students about their journey from Jeju Island to studying in the heart of Toronto. The alumnae spoke of their personal experiences adapting to life in Canada and how life at BHA helped prepare them for studying at University. Grade 9 students also had a chance for some questions and answers, which brought up many insightful questions as they continue to reflect on the question of our camp... “Who am I" plus who they want to be. In the evening, students began making final preparations and packing as we get ready for our visit to Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Provincial Park. Over the coming days we will continue to update this site when possible due to limited internet availability. We will be returning to Toronto on Friday local time.