Welcome to the Han Group!

5/22 Xiang's contribution to ADF-STEM imaging of epitaxially self-assembled supramolecules is now published at ACS Nano. Congratulations!

5/8 Update: Both SPROUT teams from the group won funding for R&D of our ideas! Proud of your great effort and achievement! [Feature Article]

5/6 Maurice receives the Brauner Book Prize (best presentation award) from Northeastern Section of the ACS. Congratulations!

4/24 Our recent work on the phase transition of spiropyran is now published at Chemical Communications. Congrats Mike and Jennifer!

4/12 We are delighted to be selected as a recipient of 2019 Provost Research Grants at Brandeis in collaboration with the Rogers group in Physics. We appreciate the generous support on our energy research from the Provost's office.

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Our research focuses on the light-matter interaction in a variety of material systems ranging from photo-switching molecules to inorganic 2D crystals. The fundamental understanding of the interaction at the molecular or atomic level guides us to effectively utilize light and control properties of materials. Particularly we investigate in light-induced phase change and molecular arrangement in pursuit of energy storage systems which interact with photons.

Photo-switching molecules absorb light and rapidly respond by structural change

Light induces the phase change of organic materials and controls thermal storage

2D semiconductors show interesting photoluminescence in nanoscale

Microscale phase separation is developed under white light