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Remote Learning Plan (RLP)

Beginning Wednesday, April 8 we will be transitioning to a more formal structure for learning, our remote learning plan (RLP).

RLP Core Features

  • The RLP goes beyond the enrichment activities we have been providing to a model that emphasizes academic assignments, student and teacher engagement, and deeper learning.

  • Staff will communicate with students/families at least once a week to support learning and ensure engagement.

  • The RLP utilizes an asynchronous learning model, allowing work to be completed on a flexible schedule that respects the time constraints and challenges many of our families are facing.

  • Lessons will focus on those Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Standards that we have identified as most important for students to cover during the school closure.

  • Our educational resources page will continue to be available for student use and will be updated regularly:

South Middle School RLP

  • Lessons will be provided to students utilizing Google Classroom.

  • Lessons will be sent by 8 am Wednesday mornings beginning April 8th.

  • The lessons will reflect activities for a 5-day period, and 90 minutes/course per week, and 45 minutes/course per week for half-cycle courses. Teachers will expect to collect one assignment per week for assessment and student feedback.

  • Deadlines will be open, with a minimum of 5 days to submit work from the date assigned (Wednesdays). We feel this is critical, as we recognize that the personal schedules of families and staff alike require flexibility and understanding of constraints in these trying circumstances.

  • Feedback will be provided at the middle school level with the intention of (a) correcting any misapprehensions, (b) helping students build/improve specific skills, and (c) pushing students’ thinking to support the growth of all learners.

  • Work assigned before the school’s closure, March 13th, but due after the closure, will not be graded.

  • Staff may use email and phone to communicate with families. You should contact your teachers with any questions about classwork.


  • Lessons will be posted online, using Google Classroom.

  • Students and families who need help with a username or password for Google Classroom, or assistance using a loaned BPS Chromebook, may contact teachers via email.

  • Staff will not use video conferencing applications to communicate with students, including Zoom and Google Hangouts. These platforms are not secure and put students and teachers at risk. Some teachers may make videos on platforms such as YouTube and send them to students to demonstrate skills or to present lessons, but students will not be expected to participate in “live” classes.

Special Services and Student Supports

  • Special education case managers and related service providers will make contact with parents/guardians weekly.

  • ELL students will complete lessons from classroom teachers, supplemented by work provided by ELL teachers based on students’ proficiency levels.

  • ELL staff will communicate with families to support learning and ensure engagement, including the utilization of translation services available for phone communications.

  • Special Education teachers and specialists will be collaborating with regular education faculty, so that they may best support their students within this unique format of remote learning.

  • Teachers will attempt to contact households whose children are not completing work. If contact is unsuccessful, teachers will alert building administrators and guidance, as student participation in the remote learning assignments will be required to count for “attendance” during the school closure.

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