Liberty Elementary School

Welcome Liberty Students

Remote Learning Plan (RLP)

Grade 1

  • Grade one will be taking virtual field trips during the weeks of June 3rd and June 9th. We'll be visiting the aquarium and volcanoes, going on a shark dive, and taking an African safari! These activities are options for students and families.

Grade 2

  • Second graders will continue to work on their Heritage Projects this week, participate in a fun directed drawing after watching a video about camouflaging, complete some verb puzzles, and have the option to use the Reading Room in RazKids! All information and assignments can be found in Google Classroom.

Grade 3

  • Third grade students will be participating in virtual field trips and exploring different projects over the next two weeks. All information can be found in Google Classroom.

Grade 4

  • Since we're starting the last two (and a half!) weeks of Remote Learning, your assignments are going to look a little different. Instead of the usual assignment checklist, we're giving you a BINGO board filled with different activities to do. The activities are from all subjects: math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Your goal is to get a BINGO this week and another BINGO next week. Your BINGO can be four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. More information can be found in your Google Classroom. Have fun!

Grade 5

  • Students will be working on an End-of-the-Year Poetry unit. They will complete eight different templates. The poetic forms include sonnet, acrostic, quatrain, limerick, haiku, cinquain, couplet, and diamante.


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RLP Core Features

  • The RLP goes beyond the enrichment activities we have been providing to a model that emphasizes academic assignments, student and teacher engagement, and deeper learning.

  • Each school will organize by grade-level teams to present activities that reinforce previously taught skills.

  • Staff will communicate with students/families at least once a week to support learning and ensure engagement.

  • The RLP utilizes asynchronous learning, allowing for work to be completed on a flexible schedule that respects the time constraints and challenges many of our families are facing.

  • Lessons will focus on those Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Standards that we have identified as most important for students to cover during the school closure.

  • Our educational resources page will continue to be available for student use and will be updated regularly:


  • Assignments will be issued each Wednesday and will include five days’ worth of activities for each grade level that can be completed over a 7 day period.

  • Among the 5 weekly assignments, certain ones will be designated as “targeted” and will be submitted weekly by students for teacher feedback.

  • Activities will allow students to work at their ability level, and may also include certain advanced options for those students who are academically motivated.

  • No lessons will be conducted via interactive video conferencing. Platforms including Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and others have security and safety issues that create unacceptable risk, especially for our youngest learners. Some of our teachers (and principals!) will be providing videos to help keep our school-community connected.

  • Teachers at each school will utilize one of three technology learning platforms based on prior use with students and/or their developmental complexity: 1. Class Dojo, 2. Bloomz, and 3. Google Classroom.

Support Services

  • Special education case managers and related service providers will make contact with parents weekly by emailing a service delivery template with a weekly plan for how students will access and receive their services.

  • English Language Learners (ELL) will complete lessons from classroom teachers, supplemented by work provided by ELL teachers based on students’ proficiency levels.

  • ELL staff will communicate with families to support learning and ensure engagement, including the utilization of our phone translation services.

  • Support Services Staff will be in online collaborative sessions with general education teachers to modify work, supplement lessons, and support their students during this unique learning experience.


  • If your student needs help with a username or password for Google Classroom, or assistance using a BPS Chromebook, please contact your child’s teacher.