Hollis Elementary School

Welcome Hollis Students

Remote Learning Plan (RLP)

Grade K

  • Starting June 3, we’re going to the zoo (virtually)! We were so sad to miss our field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo this year. By June 9th, you will all be zoologists! The week includes a five-day schedule with multiple zoo activities to do each day. If you do not have a printer at home, you can use your own paper for any activity that will be posted. Follow all of the links on the schedule and enjoy our Virtual Trip to the Zoo!

  • Starting on June 10, Kindergarten is diving into the ocean! This week, you will all become Oceanographers or Marine Biologists, just in time for summer! The week includes a five-day schedule with multiple ocean animal activities to do each day. If you do not have a printer at home, you can use your own paper for any activity that is posted. Follow all of the links on the schedule and enjoy diving into the ocean!

Grade 1

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to all of your trash and your recyclables? By June 9, first graders will be able to answer this question. Hollis first graders are going to become experts on trash and recycling. The children will take a virtual field trip to a recycling center. They will learn what they can do to help reduce, reuse, and recycle. The children will have the opportunity to read several nonfiction and fiction books about trash and recycling. The students will also get creative with the trash and recycle materials that they find around the house. Children make a trash toy out of recycled materials that are found around the house or in the recycle bin. They will have a chance to share their creations with their classmates.

  • Starting June 10, the students will travel around the country on some exciting virtual field trips. They will visit San Diego Zoo, an aquarium, the seashore, a bubble factory and other exciting places. Books and craft projects will be included as part of the virtual field trip experience.

Grade 2

  • Hollis second graders will take part in an exciting timeline project. They will interview their parent(s) to find out more about important dates and details of major events in their lives. They will record at least six major events. The timelines will include dates, photographs or illustrations, and captions. Students will all begin their personal timeline with the date and place where they were born. Students will have the opportunity to share their timelines in our Virtual Class Meetings. Grade 2 students will also continue to work on math lessons focusing on time and arrays. To encourage daily reading, students will continue to choose books from Razkids (5 each week) to read. They may also take the quizzes if they are up for a challenge!

Grade 3

  • Hollis third grade students have two activities for the last two weeks. For the first assignment, they will be writing adjectives and short phrases about each of their classmates onto a Google Sheet. The teachers will use these descriptors to create a final project for each student. We ask the students to complete this by June 10th so the teachers can compile a final gift. The students will be given a Tic Tac Toe board for the final 2 weeks of school. Students will be expected to choose at least one box a day to complete. The activities range from virtual tours to review math problems to reading challenges. We hope that students have fun choosing and completing these activities. Challenge yourself: how many tic tac toes can you make?

Grade 4

  • As an end-of-the-year project, fourth graders at Hollis will be planning a trip. The project requires students to research a place in the United States that they would like to visit. Students are encouraged to research the history, climate, and geography of the location. They will also be planning activities to do with their traveling partners. Additionally, they will research and calculate costs. Students will be writing at least two paragraphs relating to the trip and their research. Students can choose to present their project in many ways - from video to a slideshow. This project will touch upon all aspects of the curriculum. Have fun!

Grade 5

  • Over the next two weeks, fifth graders will be working on one or both of the assignments described here. It is your choice whether you complete one or both. The first is a Hollis 5th Grade Memory Book: a Google Slides presentation where you can take some time to reflect upon your life in fifth grade! The second option is a Hollis COVID-19 Time Capsule: a Google Slides presentation where you can record your thoughts, feelings, and the happenings of your day to day life during this pandemic. Teachers will be monitoring your progress and giving you feedback on your work, but this is truly for you to commemorate this historic period of time. Choose the activities that have meaning to you. Five, ten, fifteen, or fifty years from now, you will look back on this assignment and remember life in fifth grade!


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RLP Core Features

  • The RLP goes beyond the enrichment activities we have been providing to a model that emphasizes academic assignments, student and teacher engagement, and deeper learning.

  • Each school will organize by grade-level teams to present activities that reinforce previously taught skills.

  • Staff will communicate with students/families at least once a week to support learning and ensure engagement.

  • The RLP utilizes asynchronous learning, allowing for work to be completed on a flexible schedule that respects the time constraints and challenges many of our families are facing.

  • Lessons will focus on those Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Standards that we have identified as most important for students to cover during the school closure.

  • Our educational resources page will continue to be available for student use and will be updated regularly: https://braintreeschools.org/dailylearning.


  • Assignments will be issued each Wednesday and will include five days’ worth of activities for each grade level that can be completed over a 7 day period.

  • Among the 5 weekly assignments, certain ones will be designated as “targeted” and will be submitted weekly by students for teacher feedback.

  • Activities will allow students to work at their ability level, and may also include certain advanced options for those students who are academically motivated.

  • No lessons will be conducted via interactive video conferencing. Platforms including Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and others have security and safety issues that create unacceptable risk, especially for our youngest learners. Some of our teachers (and principals!) will be providing videos to help keep our school-community connected.

  • Teachers at each school will utilize one of three technology learning platforms based on prior use with students and/or their developmental complexity: 1. Class Dojo, 2. Bloomz, and 3. Google Classroom.

Support Services

  • Special education case managers and related service providers will make contact with parents weekly by emailing a service delivery template with a weekly plan for how students will access and receive their services.

  • English Language Learners (ELL) will complete lessons from classroom teachers, supplemented by work provided by ELL teachers based on students’ proficiency levels.

  • ELL staff will communicate with families to support learning and ensure engagement, including the utilization of our phone translation services.

  • Support Services Staff will be in online collaborative sessions with general education teachers to modify work, supplement lessons, and support their students during this unique learning experience.


  • If your student needs help with a username or password for Google Classroom, or assistance using a BPS Chromebook, please contact your child’s teacher.