G.A.T.E at Margaret Heath

GATE schedule HEATH 2019 (2).pdf

4 Husky Agreements:

  • All GATE students will come prepared active engagement and participation in all program activities.
  • All GATE students will bring their journal & bag to every session.
  • All GATE students will bring their Assigned Chromebooks when possible to each session.
  • All GATE students will B.A.R.K.
        • Be Positive in all collaborative interactions during sessions.
        • Accept above responsibilities
        • Respect the presenters (both student & adult) and class time
        • Keep Achieving program goals at every session.

PARENT/FAMILIES contact on Campus GATE Facilitators:

Ms. Katherine Ramirez KRamirez000@bpusd.net

Mrs. Janet Flores jflores604@bpusd.net

Or via REMIND app.

Natural Wonders & Disasters

In our first session, we will be exploring the theme. We will distinguish between natural wonders and natural disasters. We will be utilizing the disciplines of Forestry, Meteorology & Art. Students will explore in depth the theme using Language of the Discipline and the Big Ideas.

See our Gallery of Collage art: (coming soon)

Wild World

We will use environmental science to discover the various habitats of the world we live in. Students will use context to examine the complexity and unaswered questions to go in depth.

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Heath GATE students used geologically based research and media sources to explore the concepts of multiple complexity regarding Natural disasters such as Earthquakes & volcanoes.

Students are using the concept of multiple perspectives to explore the essential question:

  • How can people see the same traumatic event differently?

National Parks

Under construction

Extreme Weather:

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Blizzards & Avalanches

Inspired by Nature

under construction