Teachers can use Nearpod to support student learning in a variety of ways. Give students opportunities for interaction and immediate feedback by having them draw on a map or diagram, respond to a poll question, post a note or image to a collaboration board, or take a multiple-choice quiz. Taking students on a virtual field trip to a national park or a different country. Help students review key learning concepts by watching videos, reviewing notes, or taking their own notes. Let kids design their own slideshows and teach each other. Incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) and digital citizenship skills with pre-created lessons on empathy, cyberbullying, or Internet safety. (Common Sense Media)

Introduction to Nearpod for Teachers

Getting Started with Nearpod

Overview of a Nearpod Lesson

Sharing Nearpod Lesson with Students

Creating a Nearpod Fill in the Blank Activity

Sharing Nearpod Lesson with Colleagues

Joining Nearpod Lesson as a Student

Creating an Open Ended Question in Nearpod

Creating a Quiz in Nearpod

Creating a Matching Pairs Game in Nearpod

Creating a Poll in Nearpod

Nearpod from the Teacher and Student View

Creating a Nearpod Collaborate Board

Nearpod Google Slide Add-On

Sharing Nearpod District Library

Nearpod Student Notes Feature

Using Video with Embedded Questions

Immersive Reader Tool in Nearpod

Nearpod Premium Video Library

Slides in Nearpod

Drag and Drop in Nearpod

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