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Moments from this week.....

The kids were so much fun this week. They are all at different points on their goal sticker sheet. It is so much fun to watch them. They count their sticker sheet ALL THE TIME! I only need ___ more? I have ___ stickers. And they know they all get prizes at different times, so they are always so excited for others. One of my favorite moments was when a kid asked me if I had a sticker sheet. When I said I didn't, they said I should.

They had SOO much fun listening to the band on Friday. They were dancing and cheering. I loved watching them bob their heads and tap their feet to the music.

We loved learning about bats. It was a lot of fun watching them draw bats on Friday. They really got into it. They were naming their bats. And then turning their paper upside down and drawing a tree so their bat could hang upside down.

Our bell was going crazy this week. Students were meeting all kinds of goals! And they kept asking if they could come work on a goal with me for something they have already met so they could ring the bell again. We do have some goals that are more personal goals. One student rang the bell and put a sticker up because she peeled her orange at breakfast all by herself. So, if you have a goal (tying shoes, zipping up coats, etc) these are things we can work on as well.

This week I used every spare moment to assess students and work on goals with them. One day I will still assessing when our A+ student from the high school was leaving the classroom. Usually she leaves after we sing our family song. This day, she looked at me and asked if I had anything else I needed her to do. I said no. She replied, "Are you going to do the family song?" My heart.....She loves being with your kids! She didn't want to leave before we did the family song either. We ALWAYS sing this song at the end of the day, no matter what.

Halloween Party

Our class Halloween party will be on Wednesday October 27. I WILL make this a very fun party. I want the kids to be able to be kids. But the school is not having volunteers to come help with the party and the kids will not be dressing up in costumes. We will have a fun snack and have fun activities to go with the day. I am looking up activities to make a witches' brew as students have asked me if we can do another science experiment like the skittles one we did. I do ask that if you are able to, to send in some money to help pay for the party. It will be $3-4. I do not know the exact amount yet. I am looking for activities this weekend and then will find out. I don't want to say an amount and have it be too much. I am looking for snack, drinks, and an activity. You can send cash or if it is easier for you I can give you my venmo number.


I am so excited for conferences. I love getting the chance to brag about all the things the students have learned. They have grown so much already in just this short time. Unfortunately, our time is limited to 15 minutes. If you have specific concerns, please write them down and send them to school or dojo me by Tuesday so that I can make sure everything is ready to answer your questions.

The district will be sending out a letter about our grade cards. If you have older kids, you might notice a difference in grade cards this year. Our goal is to show progress. Many of the concepts we teach are taught over time. The markings are to show the progress students make over time. Many of the concepts on the grade card are marked with an NA because we haven't addressed them yet, not because there is a concern. The areas that we looked at were marked with a 1, 2, or 3. A 1 or a 2 does not mean there is an area of concern. A 1 or 2 just means they haven't mastered that concept....yet. The goal is that through the year you will see growth in your child's learning. We can talk more about that at conferences, but I didn't want there to be any worry before we met.

Classroom News

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Time To Eat!

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Due to some delays with the food trucks, there may be some changes to our menus.

Reading Logs: Every night when you read to your child 1-2 books, write down the name of the book on the reading log. When the log is full, they will get prizes at school. I have signed up with a program with Pizza Hut for reading books and the school will give them a prize as well. These can be books you read to them right now. Later in the year, you will add books they read to you. Please read to your child. It is one of the best indicators for success at school. If a digital form will be better for you, please let me know and I can make that happen.

Scholastic Book Orders

You can order books from this class page. When you do this, you do not have to send money to school. You pay for it online and it ships straight to your house. You can also send the link to grandparents if they want to buy books for your child.

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