Ms. Reams' Kindergarten Class

updated on Saturday, April 9

Important Dates

4/15 and 4/18 Easter break

4/19 Book fair

4/19 Homeworks Parent night 5-6

4/22 Kindergarten Spring Picnic and Play 1:45-2:15 Bring a picnic blanket.

5/13 Kindergarten Fun day

ABC Celebration

The end of the year is exciting, but it can also be a stressful or sad time for some. (I definitely am not a fan of the end of the does make me sad!!! But we won't talk about that right now.) Rather than counting down to the end of the year, I do an abc celebration. Each day we celebrate all we have accomplished this year with a special activity that starts with the letter of the day. Furthermore, if your child's name begins with that letter, they are the student (or students) of the day. They get to wear a crown and bring in show and tell. We will get to spend the end of the year celebrating each other!!! This will be a very important area on the website. I will put the date, which letter we are doing and if the child needs to bring anything special (such as a beach towel or hat, etc.for that day's celebration). If nothing is put down, then your child doesn't need to bring anything. But you will need to check to see if it is your child's day to bring a show and tell.

Show and Tell information: Students can bring in 1 item. These items do stay in their backpacks and go on buses. Please make sure that if they bring something to show that it is nothing valuable that can be broken and that it is school appropriate and nothing with a toy weapon. Items need to fit inside backpacks. If they want to share something valuable, please either send me a picture or video on dojo and the child can share it that way.

April 11

April 12

April 13

April 14

April 15

April 18

April 19

April 20

April 21

April 22

Hello! Boonville schools have been asked to participate in a week of giving! Our class and Ms. Abney's class are going to buddy up and we plan to give back to the Boonville Animal Shelter. We would love your help in collecting items to give to the shelter. You can also send in cash and I can purchase items or give it directly to the shelter. Below are a list of ideas from their website that you can send in to donate. Please send in donations by April 8th. Thank you for your help! *We can always use blankets(new or used) and rugs and toys(both dog and cat) treats, rawhides, and clay type cat litter.* (We would love help, but this is optional!)

I am always here!

I am always here to answer any questions or to talk about any concerns you might have. Please always feel welcome to message me or email me. Dojo is the best way, but you can also email me at


This will be our central hub for information. This is where you will find links to all of the important information for our class. Please look through the website and links to see where important information can be found.

Moments from this week.....

Ms. Reams.....I have the allergies!

Ms. Reams, I am hungry. Ok, what can I get for you. We have some snack. What will help. None of that. I don't need a snack, I need food. Ok, I have all of these things. Which would you like. NO. I don't need a snack. I need VEGETABLES! (Which, of course I didn't have, but our amazing nurse was able to help with).

I cried last night. Oh no, why? I missed you. (Do I really have to send them to 1st grade.....I don't want to!)

Their grit.....Boy these kids have grit. Between allergies, flu, strep wasn't an easy week. But they dug in and did their best. They tried to work to the best of their ability even when they weren't feeling 100%. I was so so proud of them.

A moment for me.....I received all my materials for my grant. I wrote a grant asking for materials to do 2 more transformations. One will be a construction day. And the other will be a space/astronaut day. I am so beyond excited because I know how much fun the kids will have. I cannot wait!

I love how they support each other. So occasionally student still struggle with scissors and how to hold scissors. I was across the room helping someone else and someone was holding their scissors the wrong way and I saw a boy go across the room to help him. Not do the work for him. But to show him how to hold the scissors and was explaining what he was doing. Another day, the students were getting their sight words and helping each other with sight words (all on their own choice) so that we can get our glow party. I just love them so much!

Classroom News

Mrs. Jackson has a LOT of important information in her newsletter!

Newsletter video (What information is found where)

Click on the newsletter link above for my newsletter. These are links to read all about the things we are learning about in Kindergarten. It gives more information about our curriculum.

These are some fun videos to work with addition and subtraction. Students can write on a white board as they watch the video. There are also videos for teen numbers and counting to 100. These are both the last goals we have in math.

Counting to 5 (Yes, this is way too easy....but just watch it with your child. They LOVE this song!!!)

Counting to 100 by 10s

Counting to 100 by 1s

Numbers in the teens have a group of 10

Add with a pirate

Subtract with a pirate

These are parent letters that go with our reading and writing units:

Parent Letter for Writing Unit 5 Opinion Writing

Parent Letter for Writing Unit 4 Poetry

Parent Letter for Reading Unit 6 Making Connections

Time To Eat!

Click on the links to see the breakfast/lunch menus and our class snack calendar.

If you click on the picture to the left it will take you to our goals page. If they know all of their letters they can go to the green page. If they are still working on their letters, then they go to the blue page. It has a lot of great resources to practice some of our literacy goals (rhyming, vowels, letters, blending, segmenting, etc)

Reading Logs: Every night when you read to your child 1-2 books, write down the name of the book on the reading log. When the log is full, they will get prizes at school. I have signed up with a program with Pizza Hut for reading books and the school will give them a prize as well. These can be books you read to them right now. Later in the year, you will add books they read to you. Please read to your child. It is one of the best indicators for success at school. If a digital form will be better for you, please let me know and I can make that happen.

Scholastic Book Orders

You can order books from this class page. When you do this, you do not have to send money to school. You pay for it online and it ships straight to your house. You can also send the link to grandparents if they want to buy books for your child.

Class Page:


With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).

Click on my bitmoji to learn more about me.

If you ever need to talk, I am always here. The best way is through class dojo. You can always email me as well. My email is

Heart Words: For the 3rd quarter grade card, students are expected to know all the pre words and all set one words, plus the words: was, little, put, what, do, like, have, home, said, of. These were included in the flash cards I sent home earlier.

Sight words/High Frequency words are something that we have always worked on. They are extremely important. To read for meaning, students need to read fluently. When students have to sound out every word, they lose meaning. So we really work on getting a base of high frequency words that the kids can read by sight and they don't have to blend the sounds. This is not something new we are working on. However, many teachers at our school are learning about a new way to help students with high frequency words. Many times we work and work and work on flash cards and it doesn't click. The students are not making a connection to that word. This is heart words.

Heart words are a way for students to remember the hard part of words. We say the heart part is the hard part. The heart will help students make connections and therefore help them remember the words easier plus help them make connections to other words.

How I teach them:

Today's word: is. Say is. (they say is). It IS sunny today. Let's tap out how many sounds we hear in is. i s. 2 sounds. I write down 2 lines. Do we know what letter makes the i sound (they say i). what makes the z sound (they say z). This is the heart (hard) part. We have to remember by heart that in the word is, the z sound is really an s. The letter doesn't make the sound it should make. We have to remember by heart that is makes a different sound. let's say the word is. What sound comes first? i. What is the heart part? s. What sound does the heart part make? z. Let's write it in the air. Let's write it on the floor. Let's write in on our boards.

This is still new to me. But the kids have done a really good job of remembering what the heart part of words is. But this is still a very new strategy for us. I have made a video to explain this as well and have linked that below. There are two videos. One is a video of me explaining heart words. The second is a video of me showing you where you can find resources for high frequency words in our newsletter.

Heart Words video

Showcasing new things on the website

Showcasing new things on my newsletter

Heart Words