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Room 17 News

Second grade is off to a great start!. Students are learning daily routines designed to build independence and stamina throughout the year. Also, our super second grade has been learning about the power of growth mindset using the Class DoJo Growth Mindset Lesson Series. This set of 5 five-minute videos teaches students how to approach challenges and grow their brain. Please take the time to watch these entertaining videos with your child at home to help make their understanding and connection to growth mindset thinking even stronger.

Pictures and day-to-day information about homework or class happenings is conveyed through our secure Super Second Grade site on Seesaw. If you need help accessing this site, please ask! You don’t want to miss out on some of the great work your child will be posting there.

Our class web page here provides you with an overview of our curriculum as we progress through the first term along with some shared online resources. This information is intended to help you have more meaningful conversations with your child about their learning. We welcome your input and questions about any area that needs clarification. We are in this together!

Class Motto: "We've Got This!"

Our super second grade class is committed to embracing a growth mindset. We understand that mistakes are necessary before learning can occur. We take risks and are not afraid of failure!

Research shows that language we use with children has a profound impact on how they see themselves as learners. Click on the following link to learn more about how to model growth mindset at home.