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Welcome to the DiPietro Elementary School's Specialists' Website.

The specialists from DiPietro Elementary have developed this website to discuss topics that foster academic, social, and emotional growth for all students. We hope that you will find this site to be a valuable tool that provides helpful strategies, tips, and resources for you to use with your children.

Please see the links at the top of the page for a list of specific topics.

Feel free to contact the coordinator of this site, MaryAnn Mello, if you have any questions.

Our Team:

You can contact us at DiPietro's main number (508) 883-8001 or via e-mail

MaryAnn Mello, Team Chair (

Melissa Naclerio, Special Needs Secretary (

Karissa Collins, School Psychologist (

Leslie Paterson, Behavior Interventionist (

Sherene Borr, Adjustment Counselor (

Leslie Sullivan, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) (

Arielle Morris, Speech and Language Pathologist (

Arlene Borkum, Physical Therapy (

Kelly Harding, Occupational Therapist (

Jackie Antonellis, Occupational Therapist (

Charlotte Collamati, Preschool Teacher (

Katelyn Duquette, Preschool Teacher (

Jessica Perry, Special Needs Teacher (

Carly Delgado, Kindergarten Special Needs Teacher (

Holly White, Kindergarten Special Needs Teacher (

Lauren Cartier, 1st Grade Special Needs Teacher (

Keri Rooney, 2nd Grade Special Needs Teacher (

Kristen Jeans, 3rd Grade Special Needs Teacher (

Charlotte Tucker, Math Specialist (

Noreen Thomas, Reading Specialist (

We would like to thank Deb Conroy and Peggy Fowler for all their technology help in creating this website!

The STAR website was created by the specialists at DiPietro Elementary. It was developed as a resource for parents. The specialists at DiPietro Elementary do not profit from any of the websites linked to the STAR and are not responsible for any content that is on those websites. We have reviewed all the websites but we would not be notified if changes are made to them. If you find anything on a website linked to the STAR that may be considered inappropriate or derogatory in any way, please, contact the coordinator of the STAR and the link will be removed.

STAR Coordinator: MaryAnn Mello (508) 883-8001 ext. 3526 or