Written Language

Writing Developmental Stages.docx

Journal/Diary Writing

Spark interest in writing by having your child keep a journal or diary. Your child can write about his or her fun and exciting experiences. After writing, have your child illustrate their entry. This is especially helpful for a student in the summer to help prevent regression of skills.

Book Reviews

Book reviews can be a fun way to practice writing. After reading a book, your child can write a book review and share their thoughts about the book. Your child can write about their favorite characters or parts of the story.

Keep a Scrapbook

Scrapbook new adventures and experiences, near or far. Did you try the new ice cream shop down the road? Did you go to the zoo and learn about new animals? Did you try a new sport or activity? After visiting new places, have your child write reviews of their adventures and create a scrapbook. Encourage your child to record their thoughts and experiences. Kids can add things like menus, ticket stubs, museum tour maps, autographs and hiking trail maps to accompany their reviews. If you have a digital camera and printer, your child can include photos as well. Many scrapbook materials can be found at a local craft store.