The Leadership Team will be looking a little different this coming season than it did in previous years. Instead of having a group of leaders for all tasks that come with being on the Leadership Team, this year we will have specific leaders selected by the coaches and the team to fulfill different roles. These leaders will be chosen at the beginning of the season rather than after the summer as well. Also, leaders will be doing their specific roles throughout the whole season compared to just a portion of the season.


This role will be for a cheerleader who can lead the team every day through the warm. This role is very important and requires someone very assertive and task oriented. They will be in charge of getting the team to roll out mats and begin warm-ups in a timely manner at the start of practice. They set the tone for practice with their attitude and music selection! They will coordinate most often with coaches about leading different stretches, conditioning, or other activities. If this athlete will be missing a practice they are in charge of putting another leader in charge of warm ups and letting the coaches know who via text or email.


This teammate will be in charge of keeping the cheer team representative of Batavia school spirit. They will choose a few different events for the cheer team to attend to show support for other teams and organizations. Also, they will be allowed to partner with the Social Media chair to make special shoutouts to athletes in other programs or making other achievements outside of cheer. This position is also responsible for connecting with Dog Pound and communicating with them on different things the cheer team can do to be the best squad possible. They can also come up with creative ways for the cheer team to show school spirit or support for other teams.


This athlete will be in charge of coordinating events for the team. These could range from going to meals as a team, going to a teammates house, or going out for an event, etc. They will be in charge of researching all places, costs, and availability of all teammates. They may come to coaches for help. This cheerleader will also have the responsibility of choosing Bigs and Littles and coordinating on which dates they are to exchange gifts and make sure that teammates are getting their bigs/littles birthday treats. Along with these tasks the team bonding leader will be responsible for making the spirit stick for the season as well as small creative gifts for the team throughout the season.

Fundraising / Philanthropy Chair

This cheerleader will be in charge of coordinating anything and everything fundraising. They will be responsible for coming up with three new fundraising activities other than the car wash. The will also have the responsibility of coming up with philanthropy events to help give back to the community.

Social Media Manager

This role is for a very tech savvy cheerleader and someone who enjoys social media and will frequently post on the Batavia Cheer social media handles. Posts can be about new skills, events, shoutouts, accomplishments, etc. You will design the social media plan for our team. This cheerleader must be respectful and responsible with what they choose to post and consider how it reflects the cheer team and its members.

Question Master

This cheerleader will be the "go to" person with questions about games, competitions, hair, skills, etc. This person will be a helping hand for their teammates and coaches. If there is a question asked that they don't know, they need to go find the answer from the coaches.


These cheerleaders will be in charge of choreography for new Spirit routines. They may enlist the help of others on the team, but ultimately it is their responsibility. They will be responsible for crafting choreography and working together with other spirit groups to create unified routines. Examples of choreography to create include half time, pre-game routines, etc. They will also be responsible for attending Spirit Squad meetings (aka meetings with Band leaders and Dance leaders)