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Berkshire families, the winter 2 sports season is coming up soon. Currently the district is working through many things to get our next opportunity for athletics up and running. Specifically, winter two sports traditionally include Boys Swimming, Girls Volleyball and Wrestling. All of these sports are being affected by our current Covid situation and subsequent decisions made by the district and our league (COMSAC – Central Oakland Middle School Athletic Conference). Many schools in our league will not be offering athletics at all this season. Those schools that are offering athletics are creating plans that will make this year’s winter 2 look different than in the past.

  • For Wrestling, the league decided to not hold a season due to Covid concerns with the close contact the sport naturally brings; as a result, there will be NO wrestling this year.

  • For Boys Swim, there will be an adjusted season where the BPS schools and Cranbrook will compete through “virtual meets” where times will be posted and compared. We will be swimming in our own pool for each meet with an official.

  • For Girls Volleyball, the district has decided to keep competition within BPS. We will hold a relatively normal season with tryouts and daily practice, although our games will be played only against BCS and Derby. There are a number of reasons behind this including an inability to have bussing and a lack of consistency in safety protocols across the teams in our league. We will also offer IM volleyball in the morning for our 6th graders.



Social Distancing:

  • Volleyball: Being a cut sport for 7th and 8th graders, volleyball will be easy to social distance as teams will be limited to 15 participants each after tryouts. For 6th grade IM, we will be cohorting the girls to reflect the academic in-person cohorts.

  • Swimming: With Berkshire having a 5-lane pool, the team will initially be limited to 7th and 8th grade students and we will cohort the team into 2 groups of 20 (5 lanes, 4 to a lane). For 6th grade swimmers, please contact Ms. Borovsky in the front office to let us know if you are interested in being on a waitlist for possible spots:


  • Participants will have to have a physical on file dated on or after April 15 2020. If you have trouble getting on your doctor’s schedule, physicals can be procured on a walk-in basis for $25 at Emcura Immediate Care - 4050 W Maple Rd #101, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301.

  • Physicals may be dropped off at the main office or emailed to Ms. Borovsky at

  • If you are unable to obtain a physical that fits within the date parameters, you can fill out a waiver to use an older one from last year, pre-April 15th through the MHSAA.

  • Please fill it out completely: MHSAA Waiver

Fan Attendance:

  • Swimming: In staying consistent with the district’s position of not allowing parents in our building, fans will not be allowed in. Only those parents helping run the meet will be permitted inside and they are required to wear a mask and fill out the district’s screener.

  • Volleyball: In staying consistent with the district’s position of not allowing parents in our building, fans will not be allowed in.

  • Streaming: we are working on a system for streaming matches / meets.

Start Date & Schedule:

  • Both sports are scheduled to start 1/25 – However this may change due to OCHD orders.

  • Schedules will be forthcoming from coaches after the start of the season.

Winter 2 Sports

Welcome Berkshire Athletes!

Berkshire Middle School takes great pride in our athletics program offered to students at all grade levels. At Berkshire, we believe athletics should be an extension of the classroom. It offers each student an opportunity to develop their physical skills, sportsmanship and team work. It also helps build character through positive and meaningful competition.

We encourage all students interested to participate in our sports program.

Welcome to a great new season!

MHSAA Student Athlete Insurance Update:

In an effort to ensure that student-athletes receive the appropriate professional attention for head injuries, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), will begin to provide student athletes with additional insurance that is intended to pay accident medical benefits resulting from a suspected concussion when participating in MHSAA covered activities.

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