BPSD Staff Support

Preparing for summer break

Air purifiers

The air purifiers in areas that will not be used over the summer should be turned off, but please do NOT unplug them or make them inaccessible. On the larger Blueair units, just flip open the top lid and press the center power button to toggle it to off; on the small white LuxDisinfect units the power switch is on one side. This summer the site custodians will be replacing the filters in the Blueair units, and they will need to turn them on and reset their filter alert lights. Granger Meador will be coming around this summer to swap the filters in the small white LuxDisinfect units and the giant LuxDisinfect units in the Bruin Field House and FAC Auditorium.


Ashleigh Callahan has already shared with elementary teachers her elementary school technology guidance for summer break, and secondary teachers are also urged to unplug any Chromebook carts they may have while keeping them accessible, stow their webcams in their desks, remove all personal items plugged into their desktop computers (external speakers, wireless keyboard or mouse dongles, flash drives, etc.) and stow them or take them home, and check any DVD drive for a disc to be stowed.

Summer programs & access

Teachers are expected to have their classrooms ready for summer cleaning and energy conservation by Friday, May 27. Access to classrooms for the next academic year will begin on Monday, July 25.

Teachers can sign up for optional July trainings at BPSTRAINING.ORG.

Elementary summer schools at Hoover and Jane Phillips will run Monday through Thursday, June 6-30 with students from 9-noon and staff from 8:30-12:30.

Summer school for grades 6-8 and session I for grades 9-12 will be at BHS June 1-22, Mondays through Fridays, from 8-noon. Session II for grades 9-12 will be at BHS June 29-July 22 (not meeting July 4-5), also on Mondays through Fridays from 8-noon.

Endemic transition

We are transitioning from pandemic to endemic infection procedures for COVID-19. The public guidance at BPSLEARN.COM has been updated. Projections are that cases might rise in the South this summer, with cases rising elsewhere this fall, but barring variants that better escape immunity, we are hopeful that there will be less strain on hospitals than we had in the Delta and Omicron waves. While we still isolate positive cases, we will no longer quarantine household members nor have COVID restrictions on visitors, spacing, assemblies, field trips, activities, capacities, or third-party use. If we see cases rise, we will resume tracking student absenteeism and recommend voluntary masking. It is possible that additional voluntary booster vaccinations will become available to everyone in the fall.