Connected Bruins

Just go to and type in the 15-digit number on the label on the back of your SmartSpot.

Wired Home Service is Best

Wired home internet service is the best option to support Distance Learning. We strongly urge any families lacking such service to explore:

Cellular Internet Hotspots

The district has purchased a limited quantity of Kajeet SmartSpots which can provide up to 500 MB per day of internet access to students who lack adequate home internet service and for whom the various low-cost internet options are not feasible.

Please carefully read the Student & Parent Guide, including the Device Agreement on the final page.

Students can be checked out a hotspot from their home site library once a parent attests to the need and submits a signed and dated device agreement.

Pickups & Returns

Hotspots are now picked up and returned via the library at a student's home site. Only graduating seniors and students withdrawing from the district are required to return a cellular hotspot.

Limiting Video Usage

Since each Kajeet SmartSpot is limited to 500 MB of data each day, only an hour or so of video can be streamed per day in conjunction with other work.

Tips for online meetings

  • Leave your video camera off except when you MUST show your face or share your screen.

When in Google Hangouts Meet:

  • Click the ⋮ at lower right and select Settings. In the pop-up box, select the Video tab. If your camera is working, to the right of Camera, you’ll see your video feed. Make sure Send resolution is set to Standard definition (360p), and always just turn your own camera off except when it is needed by tapping the camera icon at the bottom of the main Hangouts Meet screen.

  • If you don’t need to actually view the screen (someone is just talking, not displaying content or demonstrating something), you can go into the Camera settings as described above and change the Receive resolution to Audio only. When you need to see video, change it back to Standard definition (360p) or Standard definition (360p), one video at a time.

If you are ever in a Zoom videoconference, leave your camera off except when you MUST show your face or share your screen.

Moxee Hotspots from the Cherokee Nation

The district normally issues a Kajeet hotspot to students.

However, the district has a limited supply of different "Moxee" hotspots which were provided by the Cherokee Nation. Those devices are normally only issued to full-time virtual students and/or to students who are members of the Cherokee Nation.

  • Unlike the district's own Kajeet hotspots, the Moxee hotspots do NOT have daily data limits and have service until 12/1/2021.

  • Unlike the district's own Kajeet hotspots, the Moxee hotspots do NOT have built-in CIPA-compliant internet filtering, although any district Chromebook connected to one DOES have its own CIPA-compliant internet filtering. So any parent issued a Moxee hotspot must sign a unique device agreement taking full responsibility for any unfiltered internet access made available on personal devices via that hotspot.

  • Cherokee Nation Moxee Hotspots manual | Spanish Version

  • Moxee Hotspot Electronic Device Agreement | Spanish Version