Chromebook Help

Most students in grades 6-12 are issued a take-home Chromebook

For students in special programs with cart-based Chromebooks, the teachers will arrange for any appropriate checkouts if needed to support their Distance Learning model. 

Elementary students

Each classroom has a Chromebook cart of devices which can be issued for home use on Distance Learning days. Virtual elementary school students are issued Chromebooks from Richard Kane Elementary when school starts, as arranged by the teachers of the virtual classes.

What do I when my Chromebook malfunctions?

What if my Chromebook and/or charger is damaged/missing?

When in-person classes are in session, take your device to the library at your home school.

What Chrome apps & extensions can I use?

See the spreadsheet of extensions we allow students to install. A tab on that sheet also shows allowed Android apps you can install and use in Google Play.

What accessibility features are available?

How do I make a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide editable offline?

How can I print from a Chromebook?