The SexSmart service is now closed

As of 1st June 2024 Body Positive's SexSmart service will no longer provide sexual health services in Cheshire West. This includes the provision of free condoms, education and outreach sessions and sexual health training for professionals.  All sexual health services will now be provided in Cheshire West and Chester by HCRG Care Group. Professionals and service users will be able to contact the new outreach service via the following methods:

Service Users - 0300 247 0020

Professionals - 01244 27113 or

From 1st June 2024 the Clinical Outreach Service will be provided by HCRG Care Group as part of the local authority Sexual Health commissioned services. 

The Clinical Outreach Service will be a clinically led Outreach Service, enhancing outcomes, and concentrating on communities who may not have easy access to Sexual Health.

This service will include STIs (sexually transmitted infections) prevention  and reducing unplanned pregnancies.  The  service will  deliver educational  for professionals to support service users. The  Clinical Outreach Service will be nurse led and supported by consultants.