April 2022 - Latest Information

New to Reception 2022?

Parents' Meetings

New to Nursery 2022?

BPA is open to all pupils in all year groups

Full attendance for all pupils - barring those pupils advised to shield or self isolate by NHS England - is expected and the school has returned to the normal attendance policies and monitoring.

Please note this is subject to changes if staffing levels or government guidance change

When to keep my child off school? - Latest official NHS guide

Lunchtimes & School Dinners

Lunch times will be organised slightly differently to make sure children remain safe in their class or year group bubbles.

  • Children in nursery and reception will eat in their classrooms.

  • Children in Year 1 & 2 will eat together in their classrooms.

  • Children in KS2 will eat together in their classrooms.

Free school meals will be hot for those children in R, 1 & 2. Children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 will eat packed lunches.

BPA - Sept 2020 - Lunch Times

All school meals (UFSIM, FSM and Paid for) will need to be ordered using the Easylunch online booking system. If you have not booked your child's meals in advance, you will need to provide them with a packed lunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will children be wearing uniform? Yes they will. Children will need to wear full uniform and bring their PE kits in to school. Uniform can be ordered from our school uniform service here: Taylormadeuniforms.co.uk

Will my child require a PE kit? Yes. We will be delivering our normal Physical Education curriculum outdoors as often as we can.

What should my child bring to school? Every child will need to bring their book bag, reading diary, reading book and water bottle each day. They will keep these items on their desk or in a specially designated place throughout the day.

What will my child eat for lunch? If your child is eligible for Free School Meals or if you would like to purchase School meals for your child, you can order a hot lunch (Years R, 1 & 2) or Packed lunch (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) on the Easylunch website. If you have not ordered an Easylunch meal your child will need to bring a packed lunch from home each day.

Will the children be sharing toilets? Yes. Year group toilets will be shared as this constitutes the second level of school bubble.

Can my child bring a snack for playtime? If your child would like to bring a healthy snack for break time, they may of course do so. This will need to be kept in their book bag until break time.

What will the school day look like? Completely normal!

Will the BPA Breakfast Club & Fun Club provision be running? The Fun Club provision will be running for those regular parents who have prebooked their slots. Breakfast club will also be running from this point all children will need to prebook in order to attend.

Will children and adults need to wear masks to school? Parents need to wear a face mask when dropping off and collecting from the school site. The current guidance states that masks should not be worn in schools by children or staff.

Will people be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) around school? The current guidance still recommends that PPE should only be used should someone become ill or where it was already necessary to complete a task safely before lockdown commenced. For example, where a child, young person or learner already has routine intimate care needs that involves the use of PPE in which case the same PPE should continue to be used. Clear face shields are available for staff to wear - should they wish - while in public spaces.

What will happen if someone develops COVID-19 symptoms while at school? The child or adult in question will be sent to the secure COVID-19 medical room to isolate. Where necessary, a member of the office team will remain with the child or adult showing symptoms until they are collected. Current guidance states that this person will need to be tested and that the whole group will only be asked to isolate if the test returns positive. All other members of the class/ bubble will continue to attend until the results have been confirmed. If multiple cases occur, Public Health will swiftly become involved and guide the school on the expected steps to take.

Does my child have to attend school from Friday 3rd September 2021? Yes. The government has reissued the expectation that children must attend school and schools have been instructed to reinstate fines and prosecutions for adults who do not ensure their child attends regularly.

How do I pass a message to my child's teachers or the school office team? You are welcome to speak with your child's teachers at the beginning and end of the day in a socially distanced manner. Alternatively, you can email the school year group emails. Please note that when we are back in school full time, the access to these accounts will be at the beginning and end of the day as staff will be teaching from 8.45 - 3.15.

Does the school have a risk plan in place for the reopening in March 2021? TKAT has produced a Risk plan for all Primary, and Nursery settings and we have read and adopted these accordingly. The all settings plan can be found here.