Woodlawn Elementary

Library Media Center

Welcome to our library!

We are gearing up for "A Great Adventure" this year at Woodlawn in the library media center! This is my first year as the library media specialist and I am so excited to work with our students and staff! Our theme in the library this year is is focused on camping, exploring the outdoors, and learning about our surroundings which I think goes along perfectly with the role of the media center in our school. Please feel free to stop in and introduce yourself. I look forward to collaborating with teachers, having fun in the library, and using our space as a place to learn. Happy reading!

*If you would like to see what is going on in the library, click on the calendar link in the top right of the screen for upcoming events.

Mrs. Gray

Having trouble getting your hands on a particular book? Try OverDrive!

OverDrive is a way to access ebooks, audiobooks, and other resources through our school library and other libraries. The Boyle County Public Library also uses OverDrive. For our school library students will use their student identification number as their username. This number can be found on Infinite Campus. Their password will be 1003. For patrons who are not a students in the Boyle County School District, OverDrive can be accessed using your Boyle County Public Library Card. You can access OverDrive via their app or by clicking the icon here.

What's available in my school library?

Click here to access our online catalog and find resources available in the WES library!

WES library is in the know!

Computer Applications...what are we learning???

This week we are learning about how to be a good digital citizen! Click on the link below to view our Google Slides presentation on Online Safety.

This week our 4th grade computer applications has learned about the proper format of an email. They followed this link to attach an image.

We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day! This week in our 5th grade computer apps class, we will be discussing the topic of Cyber Bullying. Click here to begin the Google Slides presentation that students will complete during class.

In our 4th grade computer apps class, we are in the midst of our email etiquette unit. Click here to see instructions on how to save an image from Google.

Click here to take the quiz on Online Safety!

Our 5th graders are making tremendous progress on their digital citizenship licenses! Today, we are beginning our unit on Evaluating Websites. Click HERE to view the Google Slides presentation

This week we are wrapping up our Digital Citizenship licenses in 5th grade Computer Applications! The last unit students will study is the Searching with Key Words unit. Click here to view the Google Slides presentation students are working through!

Students in 5th grade computer applications are practicing inquiry-based learning through EDU Digital Breakout sessions! Click here to see the breakout game they are playing today!

3rd grade students will be taking the TRAILS (Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) in Library this week. Click here to view the link to the assessment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!

Click here to create your own Turkey story and unique turkey design to go along with it! Gobble Gobble!

Click here to create your own Snowman and story to go along with him!

Click here to write your own Winter Poem!