This page is here to give parents and students a brief overview of the various programs the students use here at Arovista.

Jiji Math- Jiji math is a computer-based mathematics program used at Arovista. It promotes a deeper, personalized learning experience, that is individual to each student. Jiji offers a better understanding of previously taught math concepts through interactive games.

Imagine Learning- Imagine Learning is an award-winning language and literacy software program featuring interactive games, videos, songs, and activities. Each student receives individualized, targeted reading and comprehension practice through a variety of activities.

Accelerated Reader-the Accelerated Reader program that tests students' reading and comprehension. Each week, students select books in their reading level, and when finished, take a comprehension test on what was read. Each book is worth a different number of points based on the length and reading level.

Follett Destiny- this site allows you and your student to search through our library catalog, put books on hold, and see which books we have or have been checked out.