All About Me


Hi, my name is Mr.Moor. I am 28 years old and a teacher at Bourchier Street Primary School. It is my first year as a Grade 4 teacher and I am very excited. I got married late last year, to my partner of over 10 years and I have a pet cat.

HOBBIES: In my spare time, I play football and love watching other sports, especially barracking for St.Kilda in the AFL. I play guitar and enjoy listening to a range of music. This year, I am Assistant Director of a show called The Sound of Music; it's something I've never done before, but a challenge I am excited to be a part of.

FAVOURITE THINGS: I really love sport and music. In particular, AFL and cricket; especially St.Kilda. My music taste is very broad, but my favourites would be rock and alternative music. My favourite food is pizza, because you can whack anything on top of it! Feel like roast lamb? How about a roast lamb pizza! I used to love yellow when I was younger, but now my favourite colour is green, particularly blue/green colours like aqua.


SO FAR: 2017 has been a completely new experience for me, as it's my first time in a Grade 4 classroom and I am doing some team teaching for the first time ever. My favourite thing so far was the camp at Billabong Ranch.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: There's stacks of time left in 2017, so there's heaps of things that are going to happen. But I am most looking forward to integrating technology into the classroom. I believe there's so much power and access to great things by integrating technology into Literacy and Numeracy tasks.

A GOAL FOR 2017: A goal for me this year, is to provide lots of problem solving tasks, particularly in Maths. I want to create a fun, problem solving culture in MAM.