Awards and Honours

2015 - Won 1. Price in Construction Management in the German "Auf IT Gebaut" competition:

Team: Dr. Jochen Teizer, Sijie Zhang, Jürgen Melzner, Dr. Frank Boukamp, Olga Golovina, Martin Beisinger , 2015

BIM und Arbeitsschutz: Prävention von Gefahrenquellen in der Bauplanung und -ausführung (BIM and workers' protection: Prevention of hazard sources in construction and construction planning)

2012 - "Best Academic Paper Award" received for:

S. Tepe, S. Greuter, F. Boukamp and F. Peterson , 2012

Playing 4 Safety - Designing an Engaging Hazard Recognition Game for Construction Safety Induction, Proceedings of the CIB W099 International Conference 2012,Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore, 10-11 September 2012 (received "Best Academic Paper Award" at the conference)

2011 - Invited Journal Paper for Special Edition Journal:

H.-H. Wang, F. Boukamp, 2011

An ontology-based representation and reasoning framework for supporting job hazard analysis, in ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, United States, vol. Online, no. --, pp. 1-57 ISSN: 0887-3801 (Special Edition – invited paper)

2008 - Placed on “List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students”

for Spring Semester 2008 (course: CEE 598 CDM - Construction Data and Process Modeling) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign